What is the best turnip to plant for deer?

What is the best turnip to plant for deer?

Even so, some turnip types are going to be easy for the deer to eat. Purple tops might be the best choice to put in your food plot because they’ll be easy for the deer to get to. The purple tops are great because they stick out of the ground enough that the deer have easy access to them.

Can you eat Barkant turnips?

Barkant forage turnips are a palatable and energy rich feed which can help fill a feed shortage over the summer and fall months.

Do deer eat rutabagas?

Yes, the deer love to eat them and i really prefer them over turnips in most situations except for where people are not planting too late to allow them to get near maturity.

Will deer eat turnips?

The cool thing about planting turnips in your food plot is the deer love to eat both the leafy tops and the taproots (or the turnip). Turnips are a cool-season annual that are extremely high in protein and highly digestible to deer. Protein content can range from 15 to 20 percent in both the leaves and the roots.

Will deer eat turnips after a freeze?

Keep that in mind as you choose when to plant based on your particular climate. Turnips and radishes provide excellent late-season food well into the winter long after their leaves are broken down. Deer will eat the tubers as long as they can get dig them out of the frozen ground.

Why are the deer not eating my turnips?

Deer wont eat turnips because you planted it too thick More is not always better, and the same is true of seed rates. Deer wont eat turnips planted too thick. Deer wont eat turnips if you plant too much seed. The plants end up crowding each other out and they stop growing.

Do deer eat purple top turnips?

Purple Top Turnips in your food plots will not disappoint. They are easy to grow and mange, and provide a great crop for deer to browse throughout the fall hunting season and winter months.

What is purple top turnip?

The purple top is a variety of turnip (Brassica rapa). However, vegetable gardeners grow turnips as an annual, harvesting the root-like tubers at the end of the first growing season. With purple tops, the part of the tuber that grows below ground is white, while the upper part that sticks out of the ground is purple.

Are deer food plots worth it?

Sometimes called “kill plots,” these fields are definitely proven to work for any whitetail hunter that has access to a large chunk of whitetail habitat, and an undying desire to take a mature bucks. A well-thought-out food plot plan will help you attract mature bucks, drawing them from surrounding properties.

What kind of turnips do you use for barkant?

Bred for leaf production, Barkant forage turnips out yields most other turnip varieties available. Barkant forage turnips are a very vigorous diploid turnip variety with a purple tankard root in which 50% of the bulb is on top of the ground.

How long does it take to harvest barkant turnips?

Barkant forage turnips have good tolerance to bolting and under a correct grazing management system can provide multiple harvests with up to 4-6 tons per acre of dry matter production in 60 to 90 days. Barkant forage turnips are also suitable for stockpiling or strip grazing with cattle or sheep.

What kind of turnips are good for food plots?

Barkant® Turnip is a very vigorous diploid turnip variety with a purple tankard type root. This variety has a very good leaf and root yield with high sugar and dry matter content. Turnips produce a superior quality energy source well suited for food plots.