What is the best laser hair removal machine in salons?

What is the best laser hair removal machine in salons?

The 2 most effective laser hair removal machines for light and blondish hair include the GentleMax Pro, which uses Alexandrite 755nm technology, and the Lumenis LightSheer DUET, which uses Diode 810nm. These technologies have proven to be very effective in permanently removing lighter coloured hairs.

What type of laser is LightSheer?

diode laser technology
LightSheer® uses a state-of-the-art diode laser technology with a wavelength of either 805nm or 1060nm. A precise laser pulse targets the hair follicle while leaving the skin unharmed.

Are diode laser machines good?

Diode lasers are safe and effective for hair reduction or depilation. The 808nm diode laser wavelength is the golden standard for hair removal. Side effects after diode laser treatment may happen but these are transient. The Diode laser is the best for all six skin types based on long term use and safety.

How much does Lumenis laser cost?

LUMENIS LightSheer DUET is one of the 25 best-selling Lasers Diode. The Current Price Range Based on 6 Vendors on Bimedis. It’s Costs Starts Approximately at $19,500 and ends at the Highest Price $32,500. The Average Price for LUMENIS LightSheer DUET – $33,833 Based on 44 Listings of This Product.

How much is a professional laser hair removal machine?

Quality professional laser hair removal equipment can range from $30,000 and upward of $200,000. The best type of laser for hair removal is a combination of alexandrite and nd:yag with fiber delivery. This is because of the premium beam technology, premium results, and quality of equipment.

Which is better diode or IPL?

The treatment methods outlined above mean that, typically, IPL technology will require more regular and long-term treatments for hair reduction, while diode lasers may work more effectively with less discomfort (with integrated cooling) and will treat more skin and hair types than the IPL which is best suited to light …

Does diode laser remove hair permanently?

Diode lasers use a single wavelength of light that has a high abruption rate in melanin. As the melanin heats up it destroys the root and blood flow to the follicle disabling the hair growth permanently. Diode lasers deliver high frequency, low fluence pulses and can be safely used on all skin types.

Which is better diode laser or IPL?

How does the lightsheer laser hair removal system work?

The LightSheer’s dual heads enables permanent hair reduction from all areas of the body. Its advanced technology reduces pain while increasing efficacy, enabling fast and comfortable treatments for patients and practitioners.

Which is the only laser for permanent hair removal?

The only laser with unique and dedicated technology for pain reduction, enhanced efficacy, safety. The LightSheer DUET includes two optimal wavelength 800 nm diode hair removal systems on one versatile platform. The LightSheer’s dual heads enables permanent hair reduction from all areas of the body.

Which is the most effective diode laser treatment?

LightSheer is a clinically-proven diode laser treatment featuring two unique technologies. Feel confident, knowing that with LightSheer you will enjoy long-lasting results and feel happier in front of the mirror, in front of others and in yourself. LightSheer is both comfortable and effective.

How long does it take for lightsheer duet to remove hair?

With two handpieces supporting two technologies LightSheer DUET enables you to treat legs or back comfortably in 15 minutes or less, making hair removal profitable without anesthetics and gels. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.