What is the best DNS server for Asia?

What is the best DNS server for Asia?

OpenDNS. Owned by Cisco, OpenDNS has two free options: Family Shield and Home.

  • Cloudflare.
  • 1.1. 1.1 with Warp.
  • Google Public DNS.
  • Comodo Secure DNS.
  • Quad9.
  • Verisign Public DNS.
  • OpenNIC.
  • Where is Google DNS 8.8 8.8 Located?

    8.8. 8.8 is a anycast address, so you will get the server “nearest” (in internet/metric terms (usually hops) – not neccessarily kilometers too) to you. You will probably reach the googles datacenter in Frankfurt (i’m not sure if google has anything nearer to Austria).

    Does Google DNS work in China?

    The Google public DNSs servers (8.8. 8.8. and 8.8. This is the China railway public DNS and very fast on all Chinese networks.

    Why is 8.8 8.8 a popular DNS server?

    8.8. 8.8 is the primary DNS server for Google DNS. Google DNS is a public DNS service that is provided by Google with the aim to make the Internet and the DNS system faster, safer, secure, and more reliable for all Internet users. 8.8 is for, check out the Google Public DNS page.

    Is Cloudflare DNS trustworthy?

    Cloudflare’s 1.1. 1.1 is a fast, secure DNS resolver that improves your privacy without a VPN’s impact on speed. It’s a simple, lightweight tool, but compatibility issues prevented it from working with some popular sites in our testing.

    Is DNS Google Safe?

    Google Public DNS is purely a DNS resolution and caching server; it does not perform any blocking or filtering of any kind, except that it may not resolve certain domains in extraordinary cases if we believe this is necessary to protect Google’s users from security threats.

    Where are the Google Public DNS servers located?

    The Google Public DNS service operates recursive name servers for public use at the four following IP addresses. The addresses are mapped to the nearest operational server by anycast routing.

    What kind of DNS service does Google offer?

    Google Public DNS is a domain name system (DNS) service offered to Internet users worldwide by Google.

    Which is the largest public DNS service in the world?

    It functions as a recursive name server . Google Public DNS was announced on 3 December 2009, in an effort described as “making the web faster and more secure”. As of 2014, it is the largest public DNS service in the world, handling 400 billion requests per day.

    Which is the best DNS server for Malaysia?

    You may not aware but there are plenty of DNS servers available in the market. For example, Unifi Malaysia by default will connect to its own TM’s DNS server to convert a domain name into an IP address. TM’s DNS server is fast and responsive for Malaysia internet users and local websites.