What is saliya caste in Kerala?

What is saliya caste in Kerala?

Saliyar or Saliya or Chaliyan or Sali or Sale is an Indian caste. Their traditional occupation was that of weaving and they are found mostly in the regions of northern Kerala, southern coastal Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Which caste comes under OEC?

OEC (Other Eligible Communities) are those communities recommended to include in the state Scheduled Caste list and Scheduled Tribes. Hence the OEC’s are grouped in to ,OEC (SC) and OEC (ST)….OEC List.

Sl. No. Name of the Community
21. Chavalakkaran
22. Agasa
23. Kaikolan
24. Kannadiyans

What are the names of the Scheduled Castes in Kerala?

Kavara (Other than Telugu speaking or Tamil speaking Balija, Kavarai, Gavara, Gavari, Gavarai Naidu, Balija Naidu, Gajalu Balija or Valai Chetty) 24. Koosa 25. Kootan, Koodan 26. Kudumban 27. Kuruvan, Sidhanar, Kuravar, Kuruva, Sidhana 28. Maila 29.

Who are the SCs-STs-OBCs in Kerala?

Malayan (In the areas comprising the Malabar District as specified by sub section (2) of section 5 of the State Re-organisation Act, 1956 (37 of 1956) 30. Mannan, Pathiyan, Perumannan, Vannan, Velan 31. Moger (Other than Mogeyar) 32. Mundala 33. Nalakeyava 34. Nalkadaya 35. Nayadi 36. Pallan 37. Pulluvan 38. Pambada 39. Panan 40.

Is the Ezhava caste considered untouchable in Kerala?

I was born in Kerala to a family belonging to the Ezhava caste. We were considered untouchables. My communist governed state once had a history of practicing extreme, excruciating untouchability. The Ezhava community was asked to keep a 32 feet distance from the Savarnas at all times.

How are Ezhavas classified as OBC in Kerala?

The Ezhavas are classified as an OBC in Kerala, for there agricultural and lower income people to uplift them, 40 % of ezhavars comes under obc creamy layer where no reservation is given to them as owing they earn above 8 lac. they are considered as open category.