What is molten GG7X?

What is molten GG7X?

by. Molten is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer who have become the official ball supplier of all FIBA competitions, including the Olympic Games. Their basketballs all have the same iconic, unique 12-panel Giugario design which makes them stand out from all the rather boring orange balls you see everywhere else.

What basketball does FIBA use?

Molten basketballs
As the official basketball of FIBA, Molten basketballs have gained international recognition and acclaim as a top choice for elite athletes around the globe.

What basketball has the best grip?

About Basketball: The Wilson Evolution is one of the more common basketballs on this list because of its great grip and its durability. If you go into the average high school or play pick up regularly, there is a good chance that you will see Wilson Evolution basketballs being used around the gym.

How much is a molten ball in the Philippines?

Top Molten Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Molten 100% Original Basketballs ₱ 550.00 Shopee
Molten Original Gg7X Basketball (With Free Pin、 Net、Pump) ₱ 545.00 Shopee
Molten Bg5000 Basketball With Free Pin, Netbag And Pump ₱ 624.00 Shopee
Molten Gg7X Fiba Approved Limited Offer ₱ 619.00 Shopee

Which basketball has the best grip?

Is the gg7x basketball a good basketball?

Well we finally get the ball and the day we air it out, we discovered it has a leak. Bummer, I am outside of the return window or for sure would return this product. This is a great basketball. Initially our ball was deflating but it was quickly exchanged for a new one and this ball doesn’t have any problems.

What’s the difference between Wilson evolution and gg7x?

Even though the Wilson Evolution feels softer, overall I found the GG7X grippier and easier to palm. It has a unique, rubbery kind of grip that feels different to other indoor basketballs I have played with. Despite the grip being so good, when moisture kicks in it feels a little slippery.

How does the molten X series gg7x work?

X-Series feature a Butyl Bladder system that makes sure that every bounce is precise and consistent. We tested bounce rates and the softness of this ball and the results were consistent across all the parameters. Simply put, whenever you bounce GG7X, you can be completely positive that it will have the same response every time.

What makes the gg7x composite basketball so grippy?

The GG7X is extremely grippy and can even be palmed by a player with smaller hands. A dense pebble pattern makes sure that the optimum amount of surface is always in contact with your skin. The other thing that helps the handling is an interesting and a quite unique GIUGIARO design.