What is meant by Thanmai in English?

What is meant by Thanmai in English?

Name Thanmai or (no variations) means Attraction. Person with name Thanmai are trustworthy towards their colleagues.

What is the meaning of the Tamil word?

1 : a Dravidian language of Tamil Nadu state, India, and of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. 2 : a Tamil-speaking person or a descendant of Tamil-speaking ancestors.

What does vettai mean in Tamil?

Vettai (English: Hunt) is a 2012 Indian Tamil-language action film co produced, written and directed by N. Linguswamy.

What is the meaning of Tamil word Pulla?

pullanoun. cardamom bread (sweet, leavened baked good made of wheat and flavored with crushed cardamom, resembles very soft bread in consistency)

What is the meaning of Thanmay in Kannada?

1. Thanmay is Kannada Boy name and meaning of this name is “Engrossed”.

How many Tamil words are there?

We can’t tell exactly the total number of words in the Tamil language because every language consist of thousands of words like that Tamil language also has many words. In Tamil language, Vowels are 12 and Consonants are 18 so both are combined to form a total of 216 compound characters.

What is Pilla?

n. 1. One who pills or plunders.

What is the meaning of Pulle?

[ˈpʊlə] feminine noun Word forms: Pulle genitive , Pullen plural. (inf) bottle. eine Pulle Schnaps a bottle of schnapps.

What is the Tamil meaning of Facebook?

முகநூல் Mukanūl. More Tamil words for facebook. கீச்சிடு Kīcciṭu facebook, squeak, chirp, screech.

What is the meaning of the word thanmai?

Thanmai is made of two words than and Mei. Than means self and Mei means truth. True nature of self is thanmai. Loosly translated as ‘inherent nature or quality’

Which is the best English to Tamil dictionary?

Best English to Tamil dictionary with perfect meanings and suggestions available in this website. Everything made by our visitors and users. because we provide option to add new words to dictionary and facility to correct meaning/spelling in our website database. In some cases we deliberately use other language for studies or learning.

What does தனம ( Tanam ) mean in Tamil?

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Where can I find a translation of sagipu thanmai?

From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. nilai thanmai.