What is Fuji IX used for?

What is Fuji IX used for?

Fuji IX GP helps eliminate caries, remineralize affected dentin and seal the restoration to reduce post operative sensitivity and secondary caries. Fuji IX GP FAST is used to restore the occlusal surfaces of primary teeth because it’s not only quick, it offers fluoride release and prevents microleakage.

How long does Fuji IX take to set?

The capsules are protected by individual foil envelopes; storage in a cool, dark place is recommended. The working time for GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is 1.25 minutes from the start of the mix. Finishing can begin approximately 2.5 minutes after the start of mixing.

Is Fuji 9 light cured?

Fuji® IX GP is one of the world’s leading glass ionomer restoratives. A conventional, self-curing glass ionomer, it is easy to pack and contour in the cavity and works splendidly in posterior Class I, II, and V restorations. It is also ideal for core build-up or as a base.

Is Fuji Triage resin modified?

GC America’s sealants are not resin sealants. These chemicals are contained in resin sealants, as well as some other materials. GC America confirms that its dental glass ionomer sealants sold in the United States, Canada, and Latin America do not contain Bis-GMA or Bis-Phenol A as an ingredient.

Which Fuji is light cured?

GC Fuji II LC is the worldwide leading light-cured glass ionomer restorative because of its important advantages: Small particles offering excellent aesthetics and polishability. Higher filler loading for significantly improved abrasion resistance. Good radiopacity to facilitate postoperative diagnosis.

What is the difference between Fuji 2 and Fuji 9?

GC Fuji IX™ GP EXTRA offers everything that GC Fuji IX GP and GC Fuji IX GP Fast does with faster set time, better esthetics and 6 times more fluoride release. GC Fuji II™ LC (Light Cured) is a triple cured resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative.

What is Fuji Triage for?

GC Fuji TRIAGE” isn’t a typical radiopaque glass ionomer. It was designed to prevent fissure caries from developing in newly erupted molars during the first year. It is a high-fluoride-releasing glass ionomer with a free- flowing consistency to ensure effective wetting and intimate adhesion to tooth surfaces.

Is Fuji 2 light-cured?

Do NOT dry tooth. Apply mixed GC Fuji II LC to cavity preparation. A simple method is to slightly overfill the restoration, light-cure, then trim and finish….Light-Cured, Resin-Reinforced Restorative.

EQUIA Forte® GC Fuji II® GC Fuji II LC®
GC Fuji IX GP® EXTRA GC Fuji IX GP® FAST GC Fuji Filling™ LC

Is Fuji 2 self cure?

GC Fuji II CAPSULE is a self-cured, glass ionomer restorative featuring high resistance to water which can be finished in just 15 minutes (under water spray). Its high surface hardness provides a durable restoration.

How long does it take for GC Fuji IX GP to set?

Stay up to date on all the latest GC America news! is the fast setting version of GC Fuji IX GP, a strong, wear-resistant multipurpose glass ionomer restorative. This product achieves its initial set in only 3 minutes and 35 seconds after mixing; final finishing can begin in only 3 minutes after placement.

Is the GC Fuji IX GP a glass ionomer?

It cures extremely hard and is very wear resistant. As a true glass ionomer, it chemically bonds to tooth structure, has a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion and releases significant levels of rechargeable fluoride. It is available in hand-mix powder-liquid and premeasured capsules.

Is the GC Fuji IX GP-packable posterior restorative available?

It is available in hand-mix powder-liquid and premeasured capsules. It’s the perfect product for geriatric and pediatric restorations, final restorations (non-stress areas), Intermediate Restorative (IRM), core material and long-term, temporary restorations.

Can you buy a Fuji II LC for free?

Buy 2 FUJI II LC, OR FUJI IX and 1 MI Paste One, Get 1 MI VARNISH FREE! You can redeem your free goods by e-mail, mail, phone or fax.