What is difference between log shipping and mirroring?

What is difference between log shipping and mirroring?

When log shipping uses with a remote monitoring instance, combining the log shipping session and database mirroring affects the information in the monitor tables. The information about the primary is a combination of the one configured at the principal/primary and the monitor configured on each secondary.

Does log shipping support automatic failover?

A log shipping configuration does not automatically fail over from the primary server to the secondary server. If the primary database becomes unavailable, any of the secondary databases can be brought online manually. You can use a secondary database for reporting purposes.

Why is Navision so slow?

Many users experienced Navision getting slower and slower as time goes by. There are many factors that can affects performance of Navision on SQL Server. It can be hardware bottleneck, database design problem or even coding design problem.

How do I export my Navision license?

Export NAV license from SQL Server

  1. You can upload to the server, or temporary change the license that is used in the development client, but you cannot download it again.
  2. If you check the “Save license in database”, the licens goes into the database, otherwise its stored on the server.

Can we take log backup in log shipping?

The log shipping process does its work by taking log backups. There cannot be another job that does the same, it will break the log backup chain. See Using Log Shipping as Part of a Recovery Plan.

How do I check my Navision license?

Check Dynamics NAV license from RTC

  1. Open RTC Environment.
  2. Click on the white arrow in the top left corner of the client. (
  3. Go to Help – > click on “About Microsoft Dynamics NAV”
  4. “About Microsoft Dynamics NAV” window will have basic information about the license.

How do I upload my license to Navision 2016?

To upload your license file for all Dynamics NAV databases

  1. On the Tools menu, choose License Information.
  2. In the License Information window, choose Upload.
  3. In the Upload License File dialog box, browse to and open the license file. You should see the following message: The Server license was successfully uploaded.

What is server mirroring?

Server mirroring is a process in network management through which an exact replica of a server is continuously created on run time. Server mirroring is a technique used for business continuity, disaster recovery and backup.

How to set up database mirroring and log shipping together?

To set up database mirroring and log shipping together, the following steps are required: Restore backups of the principal/primary database with NORECOVERY onto another server instance to be later used as database mirroring mirror database for the principal/primary database.

What happens to transaction log when mirroring fails?

The restore job is created on secondary server which restores the copied transaction log backups in sequence. When mirroring fails over, the mirror database becomes online, act as a principal database and the principal database goes into restoring state.

How does a database mirroring synchronous mode work?

The database mirroring synchronous mode guarantees that the log chain is unaffected by a mirroring failover and that only valid log is restored. The secondary servers continue to copy log backups without knowing that a different server instance has become the primary server.

What happens when database mirroring fails in SQL Server?

To allow log shipping to continue after database mirroring fails over, you must also configure the mirror server as a primary server, using the same configuration you use for the primary on the principal database. The mirror database is in the restoring state, which prevents the backup jobs from backing up the log on the mirror database.