What is Cargill wax?

What is Cargill wax?

Vegetable-based, ready-to use wax blend developed primarily for use in container candles, where it provides full glass adhesion. and fat bloom resistance. frosting and wet spots can occur this is caused from humidity and temperature variances.

Is Cargill wax vegan?

Cargill NatureWax® C3 flake is a high quality, 100% soy based vegetable wax, produced in the United States. It is a favourite amongst professional candle makers.

What is colza wax?

Colza wax is made from the coleseed (also known as rapeseed) plant. The plant is bright yellow and gives us a sustainable alternative to mineral waxes. It is a locally sourced vegan wax (my supplier is located in Volgelsheim, France), a great alternative to soy wax. 100% vegetable wax, no GMOs, no pesticides.

Who makes NatureWax?

NatureWax C-3 soy wax from Cargill is an all-natural soy wax blend that is well known for excellent jar adhesion (minimal wet spots), minimal frosting, and excellent scent throw.

How long should c-3 wax cure?

Additionally, the minimum cure time is 3 days, while 1-2 weeks is the preferred curing time, especially for natural waxes such as soy and coconut. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist! I’m having the same issues with C3 guys!

What is the most natural candle wax?

Beeswax and Beeswax Sheets Beeswax is another 100% all-natural wax. One of the best candle waxes on the market, beeswax can be used to make all types of candles, including pillars, tapers, votives and containers.

Which wax has the best scent throw?

If you decide that you want a clean-burning candle that will give you the strongest scent throw you can get, you might choose paraffin. If you want a wax that is clean-burning, comes from a renewable source, has a great scent throw, and burns longer, soy might be the way to go.

Is coconut wax better than soy wax?

There are many reasons coconut wax is best. Non-GMO soy wax is non-existent. In addition, soy contains heavy pesticide and fertilizer additives. Soy does not have ideal burn qualities; it burns slowly, but it has trouble throwing scent and can also look unsightly.

How is Candelilla wax made?

Candelilla Wax is collected by boiling the full-grown plant in a solution of water and Sulfuric Acid. The latter is meant to prevent the wax and water from forming an emulsion, which the rolling water could potentially facilitate. The plant-based source of this wax makes it ideal for formulating vegan products.

What is the best wax for wax melts?

Soy wax is best for container candles and tealights, but it’s also popular for making wax melts and tarts.

What is the best temperature to pour C3 wax?

120 to 180°F
The wax should be poured in the container while the wax is 120 to 180°F (48.9 to 82.2°C) to reduce cracking and speed up the cure time of the wax.

Where can I buy Cargill naturewax waxes?

Cargill’s NatureWax ® Technical Support Team has expertise in a variety of waxes (vegetable, paraffin, microcrystalline) and can provide additional services to support your growing requirements: NatureWax is sold in North America through these select distributors.

What makes naturewax vegetable candle wax so popular?

Candle makers looking to capitalize on these consumer demands and meet retailers’ needs for innovative product ideas to attract these customers and expand category sales should look to NatureWax vegetable candle wax that deliver a diverse set of performance requirements.

What can naturewax C-7 be used for?

NatureWax C-7 has been developed for white tea lights, having a very light color. In addition to the applications mentioned here, know that vegetable waxes are used increasingly in other industrial and consumer applications. Cargill has a range of waxes suitable for the varied demands of these markets.

How does Cargill help the vegetable candle industry?

With Cargill’s deep background in vegetable-candle waxes and technical expertise in modifying those chemistries to achieve specific performance characteristics, we collaborate with candlemakers to solve complex product challenges giving them a competitive edge while still optimizing supply chain operations.