What is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang used for?

What is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang used for?

Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang (BZYQT) has long been used for the treatment of severe weakness caused by general fatigue, loss of appetite, or indigestion.

Is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan safe during pregnancy?

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang can be used through all three trimesters and in the postpartum months after birth. First Trimester: women who tend to be cold, weak, low energy, poor appetite, spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath with weakness of Spleen Qi and possible dampness.

What is Ban Xia Hou Po Tang used for?

Ban Xia Hou Po Pian (Ban Xia Hou Po Wan, Ban Xia Hou Po Tang) is a famous ancient Chinese medicine used for discomfort in the throat, manifested as a sensation of a blockage in the throat.

What is Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan used for?

Background: The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (TWBXD) has been used widely for treating insomnia in China. The purpose of this meta-analysis was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of TWBXD in the treatment of insomnia.

What dissolves Qi?

There are a variety of physical and emotional conditions that are thought to diminish your qi. Among the most common causes are chronic stress and sleep deprivation. Both of these can elevate the stress hormone cortisol, which can interfere with immune function and increase the risk of depression and burnout.

What is plum pit syndrome?

At present, it is mostly regarded as a psychosomatic disease belonging to TCM category of imagined plum pit in throat. 7 The disease is caused by sadness, pensiveness, emotional disorder, qi sta- gnation and phlegm accumulation in the throat as if the throat is obstructed by a foreign object.

What kind of Medicine is Bu Zhong Yi qi Tang?

Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang (BZYQT), also known as “Hochu-ekki-to” in Japan, and “Bojungikki-tang” in Korea, is an herbal drug extensively used for treatment of various diseases, such as gastrointestinal diseases, allergic rhinitis, and AD, in East Asian countries.

Why does Bu Zhong Yi Tang cause bloating?

The reason for these symptoms is that Grain Qi or Food Qi from the Spleen and Stomach must rise to the Lungs. This follows the pattern of the five elements where Earth (which rules the Spleen-Stomach) nurtures Metal (Lungs). Food energy gets stuck in the center causing bloating and swelling of the abdomen.

Where does the recipe for Bu Zhong Yi qi Wan come from?

This recipe comes from (Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach), which is a famous Chinese medicine prescription. It has more than 700 years of medicinal history. In 1249, Li Dong Yuan wrote .

What can Chai Hu and Sheng Ma do for You?

Both Chai Hu and Sheng Ma can replenish the middle qi and yang, and treat visceral ptosis caused by the sinking of middle qi. The medicinal property of Chen Pi is relatively warm. It can relieve qi stagnation of the spleen and stomach, and treat loss of appetite, indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea.