What is a syllabus template?

What is a syllabus template?

A syllabus template is a document which contains the elements, goals, and content of an entire course. Through it, the students find out about the type of learning and teaching they can expect from a class. Therefore, you must put a lot of thought into the course syllabus template if you’re tasked to create one.

What are the parts of a syllabus?


  • Course Name. a) if the course has a number, be certain to include it.
  • Instructor Contact Information. a) phone & e-mail.
  • Class Meeting Days, Times, and Locations as appropriate.
  • Course Overview/Introduction.
  • Course Goals.
  • Student Performance Objectives.
  • Course alignment.
  • Content outline.

What is a format of a course?

A course format refers to the layout of a course. They can also change the order in which available course formats are displayed to teachers in the course settings.

What is a detailed syllabus?

Here’s an excerpt of a detailed course syllabus (the original syllabus includes course handouts, guideline sheets detailing expectations for each assignment, and team/ individual evaluation sheets). Although this syllabus is for a particular course, it can be adapted to for use in most courses.

How do you structure a syllabus?

To do this, a syllabus should include the following:

  1. Basic course information (course by number, section, title, semester, meeting times, days, place, format)
  2. Instructor information (name, title, rank, office location, office phone number, e-mail)
  3. Description of the course content.

How do you create a good syllabus?

With those thoughts in mind, here are the basic components of a learning-centered syllabus:

  1. Basic information.
  2. Instructor information.
  3. Prerequisites.
  4. Required texts and materials.
  5. Course description.
  6. Course purpose.
  7. Course learning outcomes.
  8. Student learning goals.

What is the function of syllabus?

A syllabus lets students know what the course is about, why the course is taught, where it is going, and what will be required for them to be successful in the course (Altman & Cashin, 2003).

What makes a great syllabus?

The most effective syllabus goes beyond listing the logistics and the topics covered in the course – it (a) articulates the conceptual framework for the course; (b) introduces students to the key questions or problems facing experts in the field; (c) suggests the ways in which an understanding of the course subject …

How do you design a course structure?

Design Your Course

  1. Consider timing and logistics.
  2. Recognize who your students are.
  3. Identify the situational constraints.
  4. Articulate your learning objectives.
  5. Identify potential assessments.
  6. Identify appropriate instructional strategies.
  7. Plan your course content and schedule.

What is a Moodle course?

A course in Moodle is an area where a teacher will add resources and activities for their students to complete. It might be a simple page with downloadable documents or it might be a complex set of tasks where learning progresses through interaction.

What is a syllabus?

A syllabus is a document that outlines all the essential information about a college course. It lists the topics you will study, as well as the due dates of any coursework including tests, quizzes, or exams. Your professors will give you a syllabus for each of your college classes.