What happened to Kalpana Malayalam actress?

What happened to Kalpana Malayalam actress?

Death. Kalpana went to Hyderabad for the shooting of the movie Oopiri. On 25 January 2016, she was found unconscious in her hotel room and was immediately taken to the hospital by the crew members, but died on the way of a heart attack.

Who is Urvashi husband?

Shivaprasadm. 2013
Manoj K. Jayanm. 2000–2008

Who was the most beautiful Apsara?

Urvashi (Sanskrit: उर्वशी, romanized: Urvaśī) is an apsara (celestial nymph) in Hindu mythology. She is considered to be the most beautiful of all the apsaras and an expert dancer. Urvashi is mentioned in many Vedic and Puranic scriptures of Hinduism.

Is Urvashi Rautela Iitian?

I’ve cleared IIT with really good scores and was to be an engineer,” Urvashi revealed in an interview with Khaleej Times in 2017. Let us revisit 1994, the year in which Urvashi was born. For IIT, one has to be a 16-year-old minimum. In 2010, she turned 16 and let’s say, signed up for IIT.

Who are the parents of the actress Kalpana?

Kalpana was born to a Tulu speaking couple, Krishnamurthy and Janakamma, as Sharat Lata in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka state. She was very passionate about acting and took part in all the talent competitions held at her school.

What kind of movies did Kalpana appear in?

During a career that spanned from the early 1960s to the late 1970s, Kalpana appeared in numerous commercially successful as well as critically appreciated films, many of which featured her alongside actor Rajkumar. She worked in a few Tamil, Tulu, Malayalam and Telugu films as well.

What was the cause of death of Kalpana?

Kalpana died on 12 May 1979. Her suicide was attributed to multiple causes from health issues, poor financial condition to failed romance, though nothing was established. As per post-mortem reports, she had consumed 56 sleeping pills.

When did Sharat Lata change her name to Kalpana?

Sharat Lata was recruited to the Kannada film industry in 1963 by director B. R. Pantulu for his Rajkumar -starrer Saaku Magalu. Later, she changed her screen name to Kalpana. However, it was the 1967 released Belli Moda, directed by Puttanna Kanagal that brought her to the forefront.