What happened to EpicMix?

What happened to EpicMix?

EpicMix Race and EpicMix Academy have been temporarily deactivated for the 20/21 season. Race and Academy are being re-imagined for a more integrated and easy-to-use experience.

Are Epic passes Unlimited?

With the Epic Day Pass, guests can ski world-class resorts for an unmatched price. Launching at $939 for the 2019-20 winter season, the Epic Pass provides unlimited, unrestricted access to all of the Company’s owned resorts and additional access to partner resorts around the world.

What is Epicpass?

The EPIC Pass is a multi-resort multi-day and season pass – the number of days access and blackout dates depends on which pass you purchase. The EPIC Pass gives you various levels of access to over 80+ resorts across the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Australia.

Is Jackson Hole an Epic Pass?

Looking across both portfolios, the Epic pass is stronger for snow when considering every single resort, but the Mountain Collective’s top-end resorts: Alta, Snowbird, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, are elite here as well. But the Epic Pass has Park City, which is the easiest-to-reach resort in North America.

Does Epic ski Pass have an app?

Experience More with EpicMix. The official App of 17 US and Canadian ski resorts on the Epic Pass. New for the 20/21 season, navigate the mountain with new interactive trail maps, plan your day with in-depth resort information and stay in the loop with up-to-the-minute resort notifications.

How does EpicMix lift?

EpicMix is a free iPhone/Android app that uses a RFID-based system placed in a plastic card that is hung around your neck or kept in a pocket and is scanned to allow you access to the lifts. EpicMix tracks your on-mountain achievements and links friends and family members to see their accomplishments.

How much is an Epic Pass 2020?

The Epic Pass for the 2020-21 season will start at $979 for adults and the Epic Local Pass will start at $729. The Epic Local pass offers discounts for college students and teens, and children 4 and younger can get a free Epic Pass if they are signed up ahead of the season.

Whats better epic or Ikon pass?

Whereas the Epic Pass gives skiers access to two Utah resorts, the Ikon pass gets skiers a total of seven days access to two of the best ski resorts in North America—Alta and Snowbird—which are both rankined the top 5 at ZRankings, and live in what is the most hospitable place for good skiing snow on the continent in …

Does Epic Ski Pass have an app?

How do I remove a family member from my Epic Pass?

To delete a child profile:

  1. Log into your Epic parent account.
  2. Go to your parent dashboard by clicking on your parent avatar and entering your account password.
  3. Tap the ‘Profile Options’ link near the child profile name​
  4. Select ‘Delete Profile’
  5. Click ‘Delete’

How much are epic passes?

The full Epic Pass is priced at $783 (down from a starting price of $979 last season). That pass unlocks unlimited skiing at Vail, Beaver Creek, Whistler Blackcomb, Breckenridge, Crested Butte, Stowe, Keystone, Park City and many other Vail-owned and partner resorts.

How much does the epic local pass cost?

The Epic Local pass runs $699 with limited access to Vail’s premium ski resorts: Whistler, Vail, Beaver Creek, and with some blackout dates at Park City, Northstar, Heavenly, Kirkwood and Stowe. The Local Pass does not grant skiers any access to Telluride, but skiers get two days at Sun Valley and Snowbasin.

Which is better the Ikon base pass or the Epic Pass?

The Ikon Base Pass comes with holiday date restrictions, a shorter list of mountains with unlimited skiing and fewer included days at select additional resorts. Nevertheless, it still includes a ton of skiing at a fixed price.

How many days do you need for epic ski pass?

If you are skiing a total of seven days or fewer in the season, the Epic 1- to 7-day passes can be personalized with the exact number of lift-ticket days you need. Resorts will fall into two-tier categories, so the less expensive resorts will come with slightly lower pricing.

What are the names of the EPIC passes in Colorado?

In Colorado, the Epic Pass includes these Vail-owned stalwarts: Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge, and newly-acquired Crested Butte. A big addition to the Epic Pass for the 2019 winter]