What happened grand chase?

What happened grand chase?

Closure. From 2013 to 2015, all of the Grand Chase servers ceased operations; the North American server was shut down on April 15, 2015 after eight years of operations, as KOG encouraged its players to migrate to Elsword.

What is Grand Chase Classic?

Jul 27, 2021. Grand Chase is a free side-scrolling online action RPG with anime inspired graphics. Enjoy exciting adventures in dungeons and PvP with 20 unique characters. All Reviews: Mixed (13,965) – 51% of the 13,965 user reviews for this game are positive.

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Is Grand Chase coming back?

KOG Studios’ side-scrolling ARPG Grand Chase is returning in August — what would be its 18th anniversary, except for that whole closing thing — as a Classic version. Either way, the Grand Chase Classic Server is set to launch on Steam in August.

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Who is the moderator of the Grand Chase Forum?

I am Suteki, a Grand Chase veteran player and one of the current forum moderators. This guide is intended to be used by players without a working knowledge of Grand Chase and is intended to help newbies or returning players better familiarize themselves with the game. This guide is long but may not be very in-depth or technical.

What do you need to know about Grand Chase?

As I’m sure you saw on the Store Page, Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, side-scrolling platformer MMORPG with fantasy and anime elements. You can play as any of the members of the Grand Chase, all on one account with one username. There are two main areas of play: dungeons and PvP. In-game controls may be changed by users.

Where is the recording button on Grand Chase?

A red “Recording” on the bottom right corner of the screen if successful. Recording can last up to hours, and will be saved provided if the user does not quit the game.) Park: Toggles UI display. Dungeon: Toggles minimap + quest requirements. These controls alter the game’s performance.

What does VP stand for in Grand Chase?

VP – An event-cash currency within Grand Chase. Earned only through Events but works the exact same as K-Ching. May not be combined with K-Ching in a purchase. Bullions – Hero Bullions, earned through Hero Dungeons