What genre of music is 311?

What genre of music is 311?

Musical style and influences 311’s music is a blend of rock, reggae, hip hop and funk. 311 has been described as alternative rock, reggae rock, rap rock, funk metal, funk rock, rap metal, post-grunge, alternative metal and nu metal.

Is 311 a ska band?

311. 311 is barely ska, as their music does not include the characteristic horn section or the walking bass lines.

What song is 311 known for?

Following the catchy breakthrough hit “Down,” it was “All Mixed Up” that truly gave 311 a charting pop song to be proud of.

What is a 311 service?

311 is a non-emergency phone number that people can call in many cities to find information about services, make complaints, or report problems like graffiti or road damage. Even in cities where a different phone number is used, 311 is the generally recognized moniker for non-emergency phone systems.

Where is 311 now?

Now based in Southern California, 311 continues to mix rock, rap, reggae and funk into its own unique hybrid sound. 2019 will mark 20 consecutive headlining summer tours for 311, all while having 12 full-length studio albums — over nine million albums in the U.S. alone — to its credit.

Do all cities have 311?

The 311 system varies from city to city, but the most reliable way to contact this service is through your phone or online. You can dial 311 to report an issue or, if your city has one, use the 311 app. Mobile app names also vary by city.

Who died in 311 band?

Bradley Nowell
Died May 25, 1996 (aged 28) San Francisco, California, U.S.
Genres Ska punk reggae rock reggae third wave ska alternative rock acoustic rock hip hop punk rock
Occupation(s) Musician songwriter music producer
Instruments Vocals guitar keyboards synthesizer bass percussion congas sampler drum programming

What kind of music does 311 listen to?

Alternative rockers with a hybrid of hip-hop, punk, and reggae who gained a strong following in the early ’90s.

How did the band 311 get its name?

According to Nick Hexum: “Our original guitarist was arrested for skinny dipping, and they put 311 on the ticket”: 311 is an Omaha police code for indecent exposure. One rainy day, P-Nut and some friends went skinny dipping in a public pool.

Is the band 311 banned from high schools?

As a result, some high schools, including Westside High School, banned students from wearing 311 t-shirts. We issued the following statement: “It has come to our attention that there is a very unsettling rumor circulating regarding the name of our band ‘311.’