What factors should be considered in an evaluation research?

What factors should be considered in an evaluation research?

evaluation use in which six factors were classified under evaluation implementation (including evaluation quality, credibility, relevance, communication quality, findings and timeliness), and the other six factors under decision/policy setting (including information needs, decision characteristics, political climate.

What is comparative reasoning?

Description. Comparative reasoning establishes the importance of something by comparing it against something else. The size of the gap between the things compared indicates importance. Compare against a high standard to make something look undesirable. Compare it against a weak example to make it look good.

What is comparative reasoning on what skill is it based?

Comparative reasoning is based on fundamental skill of making use of comparisons to arrive at conclusion. As such, one must first determine the validity of the comparison benchmark. For arguments that are of less logic, the comparison benchmark may be assumed.

What is another term for ideological reasoning?

Another term for ideological reasoning is. top down thinking. Ideological reasoning is a process of thinking that. begins with generalizations that express one’s core beliefs.

How do we evaluate empirical reasoning?

Evaluating Empirical ReasoningTruthfulness of the premises.Test for logical strength.Test of relevancy and test of non-circularity.Peer review.

What is the purpose of empirical reasoning?

Empirical reasoning is used when we want to explain, predict, or control what happens. These are three powerful and interconnected purposes.