What do the numbers on ww2 Navy dog tags mean?

What do the numbers on ww2 Navy dog tags mean?

The face of each tag was to bear the individual’s name; officer rank or enlisted service number; blood type; if vaccinated for tetanus, the letter “T” with date in numerals (e.g., 8/40); and service (USN, USMC, USNR, USMCR).

How do you read a ww2 Navy dog tag?

In World War II members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps wore Dog Tags of a different shape than the Army and Air Force….What is the Navy & USMC Dog Tags 1921-1950 (WWII Era) format?

  1. [Last Name]
  2. [First Name] [Middle Initial]
  3. [Serial No.] [Religion Code]
  4. [Month and Year of Tetanus]
  5. [Blood Type]
  6. [Naval Branch]

What info is on Navy dog tags?

Every officer and enlisted man in the United States Navy will wear a metal identification tag which will bear the wearer’s name, the date of his birth and enlistment, and, in the case of an officer, his rank and date of appointment. On the other side will be etched the fingerprint of his right index finger.

How do I read old military dog tags?

Read the letters on the first line of the dog tag. This should be the owner’s last name. Move on the the second line, which should be the soldier’s first name and middle initial. So if the soldier’s name is John J.

Do they still issue dog tags in the Navy?

Navy Dog Tags ⚓ The U.S. Navy no longer issues Dog Tags to its sailors, however you can still order replica mil-spec tags as replacements from us. Read more about the history of US Navy Dogtags.

Did Steve give Bucky his dog tags?

Straight away, several Falcon and Winter Soldier fans jumped to the conclusion that Bucky may have held onto Steve’s dog tags as a memento. However, others are adamant that they are Steve’s and Bucky is treasuring a possession that once belonged to his old pal.

What to put on military dog tags?

NRIC number

  • Blood type
  • Religion
  • Drug allergies (if any; inscribed on the reverse)
  • What is that military write in dog tags?

    A common military dog tag contains the details of the soldier like first name, last name and the soldier’s military ID number so that it can act as an identity token for the soldiers. All the details of the soldier mentioned above are embossed into the sheet of metal firmly so that there is a very little probability of the details getting erased.

    How do you replace military dog tags?

    Call or visit the unit supply shop to have lost military dog tags replaced. Most units will have blank dog tags as well as an embosser as a normal supply items. The military dog tags can be replaced easily and quickly if they are lost. By going to supply, the military member may be punished for the loss…

    Are all military personnel issued dog tags?

    Every military personnel gets issued two dog tags, one with a short chain and one with a long chain. The reasons for having those different chain lengths is significant. After a soldier is killed in battle, fellow soldiers or officers can use the two tags to mark the body.