What are the top 10 movies of 2008?

What are the top 10 movies of 2008?

Top 50. Movies 2008. 1 1. The Dark Knight (2008) PG-13 | 152 min | Action, Crime, Drama. 9. Rate. 84 Metascore. When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on 2 2. WALL·E (2008) 3 3. Gran Torino (2008) 4 4. The Wrestler (2008) 5 5. The Reader (2008)

Who are the actors in the Reader 2008?

The Reader (2008) Error: please try again. Post-WWII Germany: Nearly a decade after his affair with an older woman came to a mysterious end, law student Michael Berg re-encounters his former lover as she defends herself in a war-crime trial. Director: Stephen Daldry | Stars: Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, Bruno Ganz, Jeanette Hain

Where did the movie Australia take place in 2008?

Australia (2008) Error: please try again. Set in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a stock-man in order to protect her new property from a takeover plot.

How long has Candice Swanepoel been on Entertainment Tonight?

Candice Swanepoel 1 Entertainment Tonight (1981) Rating: 5.7 264 Watched 2 The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2007) Rating: 8.3 136 Watched 3 The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2010) Rating: 8.6 127 Watched 4 The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2011) Rating: 8.8 132 Watched 5 The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2008)

How many NBA championships did 50 players win?

At the start of the 1996-97 season the 50 players had accumulated 107 NBA Championships, 49 Most Valuable Player Awards, 17 Rookie of the Year honors, 447 All-Star Game selections, 36 scoring titles, 923,791 total points and 410,327 total rebounds.

Are there any movies with NBA players in them?

A basketball player’s father must try to convince him to go to a college so he can get a shorter sentence. Ray Allen,goerge karl,Shaquille O’Neal,Reggie Miller,Charles Barkley,Scottie Pippen and MICHAEL JORDAN 2. Eddie (1996) Error: please try again.

Who are the top 5 greatest NBA players of all time?

1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2 Nate Archibald 3 Paul Arizin 4 Charles Barkley 5 Rick Barry 6 Elgin Baylor 7 Dave Bing 8 Larry Bird 9 Wilt Chamberlain 10 Bob Cousy

What are the top 10 movies on IMDb?

6. Schindler’s List (1993) 7. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) 8. Pulp Fiction (1994) 9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) 10.

Which is the best movie of the 21st century?

100 Best Films of the 21st Century (Since 2000) 1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) PG-13 | 201 min | Action, Adventure, Drama. 2. The Pianist (2002) 3. 12 Years a Slave (2013) 4. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 5. Capote (2005)

Which is the highest grossing movie in IMDb history?

Votes: 1,374,080 | Gross: $187.71M Its hard to argue about this spot with Memento, though I end up with R. Scott’s Epic film. C’mon 5 Oscars including Best Picture, 3nd highest rating from imdb.com of 8.4 to 8.6 of Memento and 8.5 of Requiem for a dream though not a lot of critics are fun of it a lot of viewers do….