What are the Kia hamsters?

What are the Kia hamsters?

One of the nation’s most recognizable advertising icons, the Kia hamsters, are back — and they’ve become gym rats. Over four years, hip-hop hamsters in their baggy clothes caught on as pitchmen for the Kia Soul crossover. They were known for their dance moves, pack mentality and laid-back, cruising attitude.

What were the animals in the Kia Soul commercial?

If you’re familiar with the Kia Soul hamsters, you know they are fun-loving animals that love their Kia Soul crossover. They’ve been the stars of exciting, music-fueled commercials pretty much since the Soul debuted.

How many hamsters fit in a Kia Soul?

A Kia Soul can seat 5 people; if we conservatively assume they are 150 pounds apiece, that’s already 6000 hamsters without even considering that the five people don’t even come close to filling the entire car.

What car does the hamsters drive?

In this commercial, Hamsters are ready for new adventure as the drive through bright neon lights in a 2013 Kia Soul, which is what you’re been waiting for.

What are Kia Soul hamsters?

Kia Motors America television commercial introducing the new Kia Soul, “A New Way to Roll” :60. “Hamsters are a metaphor for a world in which nothing much happens, and nothing much changes. The hamsters themselves represent people, who get up, go to work, and come home—day in and day out. …

Can hamsters survive long car rides?

Hamsters usually handle travel very well, especially if you can keep the immediate environment as familiar as possible. For example, transport your hamster in his regular cage. Remove the water bottle so it doesn’t drip during the trip, but give your hamster a baby carrot to provide some moisture.

What are the names of the Kia Soul hamsters?

David&Goliath introduces the Kia Soul Turbo To introduce the brand’s new Soul Turbo vehicle, David&Goliath created a spot featuring a cute new baby hamster named Turbo.

Why did Kia choose hamsters?

The spot they pitched became the 2009 hamster ad, “A New Way to Roll,” which featured a rare concept for an advertisement — constantly changing music tracks. As for the hamsters, they were chosen as a “metaphor for sameness,” Angelo explains.

Is Kia Soul all wheel drive?

It remains a quirky cube. A 147-hp four-cylinder engine comes standard, but Kia offers a powerful 201-hp turbocharged four, which makes the Soul extra perky. If you need all-wheel drive, you’ll have to look elsewhere, as the Soul doesn’t offer it. Nor does it provide standard driver-assistance features.

Are hamsters scared of car rides?

Even with all these precautions, your hamster or gerbil will probably be a bit anxious in the car. Provide him with emotional comfort by minimizing loud noises that could further panic him. Speak softly and don’t yell or raise your voice when talking to other passengers.