What are the functions of news agencies?

What are the functions of news agencies?

News agency, also called press agency, press association, wire service, or news service, organization that gathers, writes, and distributes news from around a nation or the world to newspapers, periodicals, radio and television broadcasters, government agencies, and other users.

What is the name of the first Indian news agency?

Free Press of India
Free Press of India was an Indian nationalist-supporting news agency founded in the 1920s by Swaminathan Sadanand, during the period of the British Raj. It was the first news agency owned and managed by Indians.

Why is it important to know international news?

Keeping up with international news gives you the opportunity to explore the world from home and learn all kinds of beautiful things. Reading diverse and thorough reporting can be a delightful experience, and good storytelling can help you see the world through a new perspective.

Which is the fourth largest news agency in the world?

Agencia EFE, S.A. (Spanish: [╦łefe]) is a Spanish international news agency, the major multimedia news agency in Spanish language and the world’s fourth largest wire service after the Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse.

Are there any specialized news agencies in Pakistan?

Specialized services in other countries include the Swiss Katholische Internationale Presseagentur, which reports news of special interest to Roman Catholics, and the Star News Agency of Pakistan, which supplies news of Muslim interest in English and Urdu.

Which is the most important news agency in Europe?

Germany since 1949 has built Deutsche-Presse Agentur into one of the more important news agencies in Europe, including extensive exchange with other national services. In Canada the Canadian Press is a cooperative news agency with headquarters in Toronto.

Are there any news agencies in the Middle East?

Most other countries have one or more national news agencies. Some depend on a common service, such as the Arab News Agency, which provides news for several states in the Middle East. Others are national newspaper cooperatives, such as the Ritzaus Bureau of Denmark, founded in 1866.