What are the 6 steps to creating a rubric?

What are the 6 steps to creating a rubric?

TIPStep 1: Review Learning Objectives. Step 2: List Performance Criteria. Step 3: Describe Levels of Quality for Each Criterion. Step 4: Develop a Grid. Step 5: Add a Descriptor or Numerical Score to Each Performance Level. Step 6: Practice Using the Rubric. Step 7: Share the Rubric with Students.

How do you write a interpretation of results?

How should the results section be written?Show the most relevant information in graphs, figures, and tables.Include data that may be in the form of pictures, artifacts, notes, and interviews.Clarify unclear points.Present results with a short discussion explaining them at the end.Include the negative results.

What is the difference between writing a paper and writing a discussion post?

Writing a paper is you simply telling people what you believe or think, giving or stating your position or where you stand on a particular subject matter while writing a discussion post is you sharing your opinion or believes with other people and requesting or seeking for their own opinion or believe back in return.