What are the 15 ecozones in Canada?

What are the 15 ecozones in Canada?

Terrestrial Ecozones

  • Arctic Cordillera.
  • Northern Arctic.
  • Southern Arctic.
  • Taiga Cordillera.
  • Taiga Plains.
  • Taiga Shield.
  • Hudson Plains.
  • Boreal Cordillera.

How many ecozones are in Canada?

15 ecozones
This map outlines the boundaries of the 15 ecozones and 53 ecoprovinces of Canada. These ecological areas cover all of the area within the coastal boundaries of Canada.

Where are the ecozones in Canada?

Four of the fifteen terrestrial ecozones of Canada are found in Nunavut: Northern Arctic, Arctic Cordillera, Southern Arctic, and Taiga Shield. The National Ecological Framework for Canada is part of the CGDI National Frameworks Data.

How many aquatic water ecozones are in Canada?

There are 20 major ecosystems — ecozones — in Canada: 15 terrestrial ecozones and 5 marine ecozones. The marine ecosystems cover parts of three major oceans settings—the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. The terrestrial ecozones largely cover a broad range of forested, taiga and arctic ecosystem types.

What are the 5 marine ecozones?

The 5 Marine Ecozones of Canada

  • Pacific Marine. The Pacific Marine is adjacently located to International Marine Ecozone and Terrestrial Canadian Ecozone; it also starts at the British Columbia Coast.
  • Arctic Basin Marine.
  • Arctic Archipelago Marine.
  • Northwest Atlantic Marine.

What is the smallest ecozone in Canada?

Mixedwood Plains
Mining, logging, fishing, trapping, hunting and camping are major activities here. The Mixedwood Plains is Ontario’s smallest ecozone. Although it covers only 8 per cent of the province, it is home to about 35 per cent of Canada’s population and 92 per cent of Ontario’s population.

Which is the world’s largest ecozone?

The largest ecozone, the Boreal Shield, extends in a broad, U-shape from northern Saskatchewan to Newfoundland. There are vast stretches of trees, lakes and rivers, and bedrock exposures. This ecozone has been largely opened up by transportation systems, but it still provides scenic wilderness sites.

Which is the world’s smallest ecozone apex?

Explanation: Oceania is not only the smallest ecological zone in the world, it is also the smallest continent in the world, with most of that continent being made up of Australia.

What is the smallest ecozone?

It is the smallest ecozone in Canada, but it includes the country’s most productive industrial and commercial region, and is home to nearly half of Canada’s population, including its two largest cities, Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec….Mixedwood Plains Ecozone (Canada)

Mixedwood Plains
Provinces Ontario and Quebec
Climate type Humid continental

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How many marine ecozones are there in Canada?

This new ecozone map includes 18 terrestrial, 12 marine and 1 freshwater ecozone, the latter two of which were derived from the marine bioregions outlined by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in 2009. This comprehensive framework is currently in use by Environment and Climate Change Canada to determine protected area coverage of Canada’s ecozones.