What are the 10 best places to retire?

What are the 10 best places to retire?

The 10 Best Places to Retire in 2021:

  • Sarasota, Florida.
  • Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Port St. Lucie, Florida.
  • Naples, Florida.
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • Ocala, Florida.
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Asheville, North Carolina.

What are the best states to retire in 2021?

The best states to retire in 2021. According to Bankrate’s study, Georgia is the best state to retire, followed by Florida, Tennessee, Missouri and — surprisingly — Massachusetts. Maryland, on the other hand, held last place in our ranking.

Where do most retirees live?

Fort Myers, Florida is a popular and favorable retirement spot, ranking as our top place for retirees to live and work in 2020. In 2019 alone, more than 1,100 people 60 and older moved to this top spot.

Is Texas a good retirement state?

Texas is a great state for retirees! If you love the idea of low taxes and a low cost of living, then you can make your fixed income last longer in Texas. Retirees can also enjoy mild winters and exciting cultural opportunities in thriving Texas cities like Houston and Dallas.

What are the 10 Worst States to retire in?

The 10 worst states for retirement are: Alabama Hawaii New Mexico Louisiana West Virginia Arkansas Mississippi Rhode Island New Jersey Kentucky

What are best and Worst States to retire?

According to Wallethub , Florida ranks as the best state to retire, followed by Colorado at No. 2 and South Dakota at No. 3. The worst state to retire was Kentucky, followed by New Jersey and Rhode Island.

What are the top 10 states for retirement?

According to WalletHub , the 10 best states for retirement in 2018 are: Florida Colorado South Dakota Iowa Virginia Wyoming New Hampshire Idaho Utah Arizona

What is the most affordable state to retire?

Mississippi has the lowest overall cost of living in the U.S., which is why it’s the most affordable state when it comes to enjoying a comfortable retirement. If you’ve squirreled away $1 million for retirement, the principal alone would last you nearly 19 years in Mississippi, without even investing a single dime.