Vital Spray Foam Details You Should Understand

Vital Spray Foam Details You Should Understand

Now that you have decided to purchase a spray foam rig, you have to be able to equip it properly to a trailer to improve your earnings. There are many factors you should identify with concerning spray foam rigs before you buy the best spray foam trailer. How exactly do you intend to use your new spray foam rig and what will you be spraying? Answers to these questions are the key to unlocking the full potential of how beneficial spray foams could be to you. This option is the best for commercial contractors working on spraying projects like wall insulation or even roofs at times. Below are key details regarding spray foam rigs that you should familiarize with.

Diesel Generators for Powering Your Rig

Before commencing anything, find out the amount of power you need to run your compressor, proportioner, lighting systems, and other important equipment. Having this information is helpful when determining what size of a generator or powering equipment you need to purchase. Your options to choose from include electric power units, diesel generators, gas compressors and even normal generators we know of today. Most prefer to buy only what they require but with power demand and supply it has always been advisable to go extra and get all the power you need to handle all your small and large scale projects. Inadequate power might not only frustrate you but also force you to upgrade to the best spray foam trailer after some time.

Choosing the Right Generator

There are simple guidelines to guide you on what choice of a generator to purchase. Write down every system requirement and their maximum load needs but in watts. Sum up all the watt requirements by each component to ascertain the total watts needed. Multiply your total wattage requirements by 1.25 to find kilo-volt amperes. Now that you know how many kilo-volt amperes you need, find a generator matching these specifications or greater than the total kilo-volt amperes needed by your system. For durability, use the recommended proportioner power cords to handle all the voltage fluctuations that may make your system vulnerable to electrical damage and shocks when operational.

Forming the Trailer

The next step is finding out the rig type that will meet all your demands. Most trucks are able to pull different types of trailers however goose necks trailers tend to do the job much better. Goose neck trailers have the ability to handle much larger loads and you can just know them from their fifth wheel. Despite their major advantages over other trailers, goose neck trailers require skills to drive them, especially through tight spaces.

See to it that your rig comes with enough axles and frames to improve its capability to handle all the loads on board. This is especially very important when driving on rough terrain roads to and from your working areas. The weight of your truck also matters greatly in determining whether you will be able to pull the trailer.

The best rigs also have hose hatches for the outlet of the chemicals on board. The reason behind this is to control entry and exit of temperatures from on board. Temperature fluctuation can inhibit or catalyze reactions that might end up being destructive.

Safety Precautions

Equipping your rig without any safety measures is a great risk you should consider avoiding when you can. These safety precautions need to keep you, your employees and products safe. Safety precautions for your business should include fire extinguishers, well-stocked first aid kit and emergency eye washing station for eye spillage accidents. Strong bracing should also be made to hold the drums and other materials in the rig especially when in motion to mitigate spillage cases to and from work. Wires insulations and wiring also matter as a simple mistake could increase fire risks in the trailer. Your trailer also has to have ample headroom for easier changing of transfer pumps without interfering with the drums.

Spray Rig Insulation

Do you have an air conditioner or heater for your trailer? It is vital that you keep the temperature of the chemicals in check to control any reactions between two diverse materials onboard. Air conditioners are instrumental in preventing the chemicals onboard from overheating. Overheating may cause the materials in the trailers to expand in their drums and up to certain levels, the expansion may detrimental not just to your business but health too.

Spray foam investment is huge and this calls for great caution and thinking before launching the business. By carefully analyzing all your options you reduce the chance of making errors during your business which only amplifies your ROI (Return on Investment). When making your purchase ensure you go for equipment that is warrantied. Warranty is proof of quality and besides should anything go wrong you may need compensation.