Tips and hints on how to write the perfect college essay

A personal essay gives a chance for the college committee to understand better what kind of person you are, besides your academic and sporting achievements. This is an important document for the selection committee because colleges want to fill their campus with people with certain trades of character.

The letter should surprise a member of the selection committee, to give a more exact view of you. This is much easier to say than to do. In order to help you approach the process of writing an essay, we have made a list of does and don’ts to make your writing process more of a simple task than a difficult one.

What do I need to do

  1. Try to surprise. If a member of the selection committee after reading your essay can say, “Oh, I could guess that they liked it,” or something like that — you chose the wrong topic. For example, if you have a lot of mathematical and scientific studies, do not write about the summer laboratory internship. Instead, write about how you like ballet and a new King’s book.
  2. Be accurate and informative. Your essay should be creative and interesting to read. The use of images, the dynamic structure of sentences and active narration are just three ways out of the many that can help you write a letter in the best possible way. Do not write about ideas, focus on things, people and events that you can personally describe and include in your letter.
  3. Be yourself, but do not forget to focus on the positive. Do not try to falsely portray yourself as a very sociable or determined person, or as a person who has every aspect of life at the highest level. So, for example, tell us how your impulsiveness allowed you to try so many new things that others are afraid to do, and your planning skills are the only thing that helped your friends turn the thoughts of a tour by car into a reality.
  4. Talk about something that interests you. Your essay is worth writing about what really interests you. For example, if, as a student at school, you played on a school team and it was your passion, tell us about it. But if you hated every minute of training, do not write about it. Your essay will be heartless and will sound like an informational brochure. If you feel as if there is nothing in the world that can interests you, then not shy to use essay writing service, which can help you to overcome this obstacle. Your essay should be personal, insightful, and interesting.
  5. Be real. Make sure you are honest in your letter. The college will accept or reject you based on your story, and if this turns out to be untrue, you will ultimately be unhappy.

What I do not need to do

  1. Do not start with a quote. Employees of the selection committee read your essay to better understand how you think and feel the world. From hearsay, the opposite effect is achieved.
  2. Do not try to sell yourself. If you try too hard to emphasize only your good qualities or use loud words that you have pulled from the school site, the receiving officer will notice this immediately. Perhaps it was even he who wrote the words you use. Instead, try to present yourself interesting and honest.
  3. Do not use too complex language. Many students get an explanatory dictionary when it is time to write an essay to college. It would be best to return it to its place. Although it is good if your language is interesting and specific (for example, using “exciting” or “delicious” instead of “good”), it will not be OK when your vocabulary will prevent a member of the committee from understanding your essay.
  4. Do not be poetic or philosophical. Employees of the selection committee do not want to listen to your philosophical reasoning and arguments. Instead, they want to know about you. The key to this is introspection, not a message about the beliefs you received about the world as a whole.

There are the most important aspects which, I am sure, will help you to write an excellent college essay.