My Review of SellerMotor – A Highly Useful Amazon FBA Tool to boost sales

My Review of SellerMotor – A Highly Useful Amazon FBA Tool to boost sales

Being a business myself, or say more of an online entrepreneur I see things being changed more than they ever were. Without a doubt, the competition in online sellers 15 years back was almost zero. That was the era when there were just a few sellers and a handful of buyers as well. Old-school store-visiting purchasing of goods and inquiring about services were still people’s first choice.

After the emergence of several e-commerce behemoths including Amazon, Flipkart, and Walmart, more buyers and sellers found it comforting and beneficial to order their favorite stuff with one click right to their doorstep. The only irony here is that the number of sellers on the online landscape escalated way faster than that of the buyers. And as a result, selling, managing, and retaining loyal customers started to become more and more competitive than it ever was.

Maintaining your stock and minutely analyzing the sales on Amazon nowadays feels no lesser than the Achilles Heel, especially when your inventory expands beyond than the fine count of a thousand items. That’s when a bunch of Amazon Selling Assistant tools comes to save your neck. Selling on Amazon is my bread and butter. I jumped in it 10 years ago and since then, it’s helping me to serve the needs of my family and paying the ever-growing, never-ending, daunting bills.

During all these years I realized that no matter how adroit you are or how smartly do you handle things around your Amazon’s selling account, it’s never enough until you have an advance helping hand in form of a tool that empowers you with the sturdiness of automation and a decision-igniting analytical dashboard. And thankfully I found one – SellerMotor. I would describe my experience with this stunning tool as my honest review here.

What I realized about this tool is, it suits the needs of both newbie sellers and the established ones both. It doesn’t only help in optimizing everything in your account, but at the same time, it assists you with sourcing, operation, and marketing. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence mechanism that has perfected it to help you save your operational time by 86% and store performance by 37%. The data is tested in the lab. However, I personally realized that it actually does more than the stated statistics.

Great things don’t come by easily or for free hence undoubtedly, it is paid. But, it lets you try it for free. As soon as you login into your account, you are greeted by three options, the Product Analysis, Market Research, and AI Account Manager. The Product Analysis part brings up a search screen where you put a keyword of one of the product you are selling and once you click on the search, a number of search results show up. Upon clicking any of them, a graph emerges with precise and accurate visual analysis of your product, containing a blue line and below that, a yellowish filled area.

The blue line depicts the search volume of the keyword or product on Amazon. And the yellow filled graph displays your sales. One thing which actually made me fall in love with this tool is the estimation or trend it shows for the next six months. It helps you to think about ramping up or decline the production of a certain item. For sellers of season items such as mother’s day gifts and cards, there can’t be better assistance that this ‘trend forecasting feature’.

Below the graph, four statistics are shown. Market Lifetime – that tells how long the product has been in the market. And the longer it has been on the Amazon store, the better because it implies that people are literally loving it. Next column shows you the total orders per months which further updates you about its popularity. Next two columns display total competition and estimated profit margin ration. Isn’t it a great help when we are in our planning and deciding phases?

Upon making a few calculations in your head, you move to the next section of this tool which is Market Research. Even though the product analyze section showed you a direction to move ahead, Market Research adds to it with solid data. Here you get to read thousands of customers reviews, their likes, dislikes, problems they face, and maybe you can come up with a final product that solves all their problems. Easy as a pie right?

The in-built Artificial Intelligence serves you with a section called SmartPPC. It allows and assists you in optimizing your budget. A small mistake or a slight drift of attention in PPC can eat thousands of your dollars. The SmartPPC module puts a halt to such possible disasters and increases your profit margins smartly.

Being an Amazon Seller myself, I don’t think that we should still stick to the old ways of doing things. This is an era of leveraging smart tools to reduce our work and the amount of time we are investing in planning, management, and delivery. I strongly recommend SellerMotor to all the Amazon sellers.