Is there a walkthrough for Metro 2033?

Is there a walkthrough for Metro 2033?

For the Metro 2033 Walkthrough it is important to keep in mind the game only allows you to chapter select, not area select. Each chapter has several areas within them. Was this guide helpful? An action-oriented combination of horror, survival, RPG, and shooting, all based on a story by Russian author Dmitriy Glukhovskiy.

Where to find the ghosts in Metro 2033?

You will soon arrive close to a wall where you’ve already seen the ghosts #1. Wait for Khan to unlock this passageway and then follow him to enter a small sanctuary. You’ll have to wait here until Khan unlocks a passageway located in the floor #2. Head down the stairs to end this mission.

Where to find body # 1 in Metro 2033?

Turn around and wait for a group of monsters to be eliminated (you can help the defenders by using a stationary gun). Proceed to a corridor found to your right #2. Turn right after you’ve reached a new tunnel and head forward. It shouldn’t take long for you to locate a new body #1.

What does orange and blue mean in Metro 2033?

Orange color was used to mark areas where you can find special gold ammunition, used mostly as currency in the game. Blue color was used to merge screenshots with the text. #1 means that a certain fragment of the walkthrough is tied to the first screenshot and #2 means a certain fragment of the walkthrough is tied to the second screenshot.

How many times can you kill enemies in Metro 2033?

You can’t play through the game 30 times and kill one enemy with the knife each time to get the achievement. Health in the game exists in two forms. One is your physical health, which isn’t directly displayed. You can get a sense of how injured you are from a red pulse tinge on the screen.

When did Metro 2033 Redux come out?

Metro 2033 Redux was released August 2014. The entire game was redone in the new 4A engine introduced in Metro: Last Light. The game play has been extensively tweaked and re-balanced. Levels are combined, laid out differently, or have additions/subtractions. The order of events has been changed in some cases.

Where are all the safes in Metro 2033?

However, there are 23 safes in the game. 2.1 Riga #1 The key is hanging on a wooden post by the far bridge in the sleeping area. Deal with the kid who wants a bullet to lead you to Bourbon. Go to the far end of the room and walk up onto the bridge near the doorway.

What kind of weapons can you carry in Metro 2033?

You can carry one revolver, one machine gun, and one shotgun/pneumatic weapon. You always have your Combat Knife. You can carry up to 5 throwing knives, 5 grenades, and 5 sticky grenades. All revolvers can hold 6 rounds of .44 caliber ammo.