Is there a season 2 of legend of Yun Xi?

Is there a season 2 of legend of Yun Xi?

Legend of Yunxi
Original language Mandarin
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 48 + 2 (epilogue)

Who is the poison master in Legend of Yun Xi?

Arc 3 | Episodes 24 – 39 | The Poison Master Political intrigue escalates in arc 3 and it is revealed that the Poison Master is Yun Xi’s father. Yun Xi’s mother and father separated after the Poison Master started experimenting on prisoners to become super soldiers the cost of which is early death.

How many episodes of Legend of Yun Xi are there?

Legend of Yun Xi/Number of episodes

Where can I watch Legend of Yun Xi?

Legend of Yun Xi | Netflix.

What happens in the ending of Legend of Yun Xi?

Long Feiye recalled, but in the end he saw Yun Xi again in a sea of ​​flowers, and Yun Xi was resurrected! Long Feiye hugged Yun Xi in a stride, finally showing a smile on his face. The bracelet on Yun Xi’s hand was left to Yun Xi by her mother. There are also a lot of Poison Classics and Poison Classics.

What happens at the end of Legend of Yun Xi?

The scent of the herb lingers to the poisoned man, waking him up before rendering him dead. This confirms Yunxi’s suspicion that this herb can suppress the poisoned man’s poison. And so, they’ve gotten the cure! But then, Gu Beiyue loses consciousness which terrifies Yunxi.

Where can I watch Chinese drama?

Top Ten websites to watch Chinese TV drama for free on line:

  • Youku TV.
  • Baidu TV.
  • 360 TV.
  • Letv.
  • QQ TV.
  • Tudou TV.
  • Kankan TV.
  • PPTV.

What is the most popular Chinese drama now?

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