Is tavant technologies a good company?

Is tavant technologies a good company?

Tavant is a good company with great people in house. I have enjoyed working here in my short period of time with the company. The only connis that the management should be bit more proactive regarding employee s leaving the company.

What is the salary of NIIT?

NIIT Salaries

Job Title Salary
Software Engineer salaries – 56 salaries reported ₹4,42,718/yr
Senior Software Engineer salaries – 24 salaries reported ₹5,61,423/yr
Content Developer salaries – 22 salaries reported ₹4,37,762/yr
Project Manager salaries – 19 salaries reported ₹14,02,271/yr

What do you know about NIIT Technologies?

NIIT Technologies Limited is an IT firm based in Noida, India. It is the leading IT organization which meets the customer requirements by providing services like the infrastructure management services, travel and transportation, Insurance & media sectors, IP assets or platform services and banking & financial services.

Does Coforge provide laptop?

Coforge provide’s good work/life balance opportunities globally. That aside, the firm allows you to work from home when necessary. Because staff are provided laptops and wireless cards, you can complete certain work from home.

Is tavant a MNC?

The Brand Name Tavant Technologies provides the services such as Consumer Lending, Ebusiness, Aftermarket, Ecommerce, Manufacturing, Outsourced Product Development which comes under MNC and serves at Information Technology(IT) Industry.

Is tavant a service based company?

Tavant – Acting as Product based but working as service based.

Who is the owner of NIIT?

Sapnesh Lalla

Is NIIT a government institute?

NIIT University (Or NU) is a private university founded in 2009. It is located in Neemrana Rajasthan in India. The University was established by an Ordinance of the Government of Rajasthan on 13 October 2009 and subsequently on 4 April 2010 vide Rajasthan Gazette Notification No.

Why do companies give you laptops?

Benefits for Employers Employers might ask you to use your laptop or personal computer at work. These policies can save companies time, money, and resources since they don’t have to provide or support workplace computers.

Is Capgemini or Coforge better?

Employee Ratings Capgemini scored higher in 3 areas: CEO Approval, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Coforge scored higher in 5 areas: Overall Rating, Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Senior Management and Culture & Values. Both tied in 1 area: Work-life balance.

Is tavant a MNC company?