Is Rabidex good in monster legends?

Is Rabidex good in monster legends?

Overview. Despite the abhorring opinions on Rabidex, it is a moderate, easy-obtainable attacker for any beginners playing this game, although it is a terrible monster competitively. Regardless, among breedable monsters, it is better than Pandalf without a doubt.

How long does it take to hatch Rabidex?

Stats and Information

Price Exp. Sell
1,700 25,200 7,500
Max GPM Breed Time Hatch Time
142 1d 9h 1d 13h

Is Rhynex good in monster legends?

Not a great monster competitively, but useful for beginners. Pros: Incredible speed.

Is Griffex good monster legends?

You may think that Griffex, arguably possessing cool design, makes them a decent Epic monster. Well, you’re objectively wrong. Griffex’s stats are already bad enough with crappy strength and pathetic life stats. Worse, its attacks are mediocre too.

What to breed to get a legendary in monster legends?

Breedable Legendaries

  1. Arch Knight: Goldcore (breedable) + Esthirel (non-breedable)
  2. Vadamagma: Skipples (breedable) + Duchess (breedable)
  3. Nemestrinus: Rhynex (breedable) + Darknubis (breedable)
  4. Rockantium: Musu (breedable) + Terracrank (breedable)
  5. Thorder: Rabidex (breedable) + Tartarus (breedable)

Is a Griffex rare?

Griffex strategy on the These creatures have a fixation with gathering gold. In order to protect their loot, they electrify it. They are so rare, that you can buy a house with one Griffex feather!

Is Griffex a good monster?

What is the best Breedable legendary?

Breedable Legendaries

  • Arch Knight: Goldcore (breedable) + Esthirel (non-breedable)
  • Vadamagma: Skipples (breedable) + Duchess (breedable)
  • Nemestrinus: Rhynex (breedable) + Darknubis (breedable)
  • Rockantium: Musu (breedable) + Terracrank (breedable)
  • Thorder: Rabidex (breedable) + Tartarus (breedable)