Is EOI open for NZ?

Is EOI open for NZ?

EOIs for the SMC have been suspended. Immigration New Zealand will focus on processing applications from people who are in New Zealand or those eligible to travel here while border restrictions are in place.

What is the fastest way to get New Zealand citizenship?

New Zealand citizenship by descent is probably the quickest and least expensive path to citizenship and a passport. If you were born outside of New Zealand, but one of your parents was a citizen by birth or grant, you may be entitled to citizenship.

How long after case officer is assigned NZ?

When the case is allocated, verification process begins. The processing times will vary depending on your particular case and the branch where your residence is being processed. It is estimated to take around 6 months from lodgement and 3 months from the case office allocation.

Is it hard to get New Zealand citizenship?

To apply for citizenship, you must have been a resident for at least 5 years, and only travelled out of New Zealand for a short amount of time each year. You must therefore have been present in New Zealand with a Resident visa for a total of at least 1,350 days and for at least 240 days in each of those 5 years.

How do I prove NZ citizenship?

You can use the Confirmation of Birth certificate to prove you are a New Zealand citizen….You need to include:

  1. your original full birth certificate.
  2. original documents showing any other names you have used in your lifetime, and.
  3. 2 passport photos that meet the photo requirements.

How does New Zealand fast track residence visas?

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has spelt out how high pay takes skilled workers to the top of a priority list after complaints to the Ombudsman about its unpublished fast-track processing policy. INZ says it will prioritise fewer residence applications, bringing hope to some of the thousands of people who have been waiting in a queue behind others.

Why is the pathway visa in New Zealand being delayed?

Due to COVID-19, and the closure of New Zealand’s border, Immigration New Zealand is delaying the permanent introduction of the Pathway Student Visa. This measure assists Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to focus on processing applications from people in New Zealand or eligible to travel here while border restrictions are in place.

When to apply for skilled migrant visa in New Zealand?

Between 1 July 2018 and 23 February 2020 (inclusive), Immigration New Zealand (INZ) allocated skilled residence class visa applications (under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC), and the Residence from Work (RfW) Category) in accordance with an informal priority criteria. The Ombudsman has deemed this to be unreasonable.

Are there any changes to Immigration New Zealand?

Immigration New Zealand has extended its newcomer skills matching and job search assistance services programme to prioritise assisting skilled migrants who have lost jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government is making changes to allow some Work to Residence (WTR) visa holders to maintain their pathway to residence.