Is Crane a good radio?

Is Crane a good radio?

Though the C Crane CC 2E is among some of the best tabletop radio listees, you’ll probably find yourself taking off the tabletop to your next adventure more often than not. With great functionality to get crucial weather updates and access to ham band, this is one serious portable radio.

Where are C cranes made?

Crane is an American electronics retailer based in Fortuna, California. The company mainly deals in specialty radio and lighting equipment and is best known for its GeoBulb line of LED light bulbs.

Are C Crane radios made by Sangean?

Products. Apart from products sold under its own brand names, which include Lextronix, Sangean also produces on behalf of other companies: Many of the shortwave radios marketed by Siemens, Panasonic, Braun, Grundig, C. Crane, and Roberts have been and are being developed and produced by Sangean.

How can I improve my Dxing?

By far the best place to listen for AM DX is go out to a beach or other large body of water. Heading out to a beach usually puts some distance between you and man made noise sources. Bodies of water also help pull in radio signals. Your next best choice is somewhere that gets you away from houses and power lines.

Are Sangean radios good quality?

They’ve all been very good radios. Sangean is equal in quality to Panasonic and Sony. I definitely recommend this radio over the Tivoli Model One.

How do I pick up AM radio better?

Q: How do I get better AM reception? You can get better AM reception by using an external antenna such as a loop antenna, placing your radio near the window with its rear facing outside, or switching off/moving away any electrical appliances that have been proven to interfere with your radio’s reception.

What does MW stand for on a radio?

AM, which stands for Amplitude Modulation (AM) is the oldest radio broadcasting system in the UK. The term AM is commonly used to cover both Medium Wave (MW) and Long Wave (LW).

What kind of radio does C Crane make?

So, for those seeking a simpler broadcast receiver, C. Crane later developed the original CCRadio-EP, a bare-bones, fully analog AM/FM radio with a large backlit slide rule dial, designed for the listener who wants to “go old school” in their receiving.

Is the C Crane skywave a travel radio?

Earlier this year, however, C.Crane announced a new portable that would join their product line: the CC Skywave. Admittedly, I was eager to give this little radio a go: C. Crane touts the Skywave as an exceptional travel radio, for which I’m always on the hunt.

Is the crane ccradio EP Pro A good antenna?

Crane’s internal Twin Coil Ferrite AM antenna affords the listener excellent gain and nulling capabilities. In fact, I find the nulling quite sharp, a major positive for this listener. Like the original EP, the EP Pro has a Twin Coil Antenna Fine Tuning adjustment.

Is there a free repair from C Crane?

C. Crane is the last of the hardcore AM junkies, and they did me right with my defective CCRadio Plus–with a FREE repair 5 years out of warranty. I listened to that radio for 3 years with no usable display, until I heard that C. Crane was making that repair free of charge.