Is Bellion vodka legit?

Is Bellion vodka legit?

The truth is: It actually is too good to be true. Bellion claims that their vodka is safe because of a proprietary (read: closely guarded trade secret) blend of chemicals they call NTX. In fact, it hasn’t bought into the idea since 2014 when Bellion first tried to convince consumers it sells safer vodka.

Is Bellion vodka really better for your liver?

In clinical trials, lab rats who consumed NTX-infused vodka exhibited 40 to 70% less biomarkers associated with liver damage. Human trials that followed showed similarly positive results. Still, the TTB can’t forbid Bellion from selling its vodka altogether.

What is Bellion vodka made from?

Bellion vodka is a “functional” spirt containing NTX, a mix of glycyrrhizin, manna sugar and potassium sorbate, which its makers claim protects the liver and DNA from damage while preserving the taste—and the kick. Bellion is scheduled to be available nationally by the end of May 2017.

Is Bellion vodka expensive?

Bellion Vodka is available in 22 states right now for around $30 a bottle, based on a quick web price search.

Why is dark alcohol worse for you?

Congeners are found in larger amounts in dark liquors, such as brandy, bourbon, darker beer and red wine, than they are in clear liquors, such as vodka, gin and lighter beers. One particular congener — methanol — breaks down into the toxins formaldehyde and formic acid, which can worsen a hangover.

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