Is a 1mm wedding band too thin?

Is a 1mm wedding band too thin?

Shanks thinner than 1.6mm may not hold up in the long-run. That’s why we recommend going no smaller than a 1.5mm band. If the band is too thin, it’s likely to crack or bend over time.

How thick should a ring band be?

We recommend a minimum thickness of 1.5mm for people who do a lot with their hands or if you want a comfort-fit band. Rings thinner than 1.5mm are more likely to bend or change shape over time.

How many mm should a wedding band be?

For women, the most common width to get is 4 mm. Women with smaller finger sizes, for example, under size 6.0 tend to go for a 2 mm wide wedding ring. However, because certain wedding ring styles are only available in 6 mm or wider, it is common for women to use a 6 mm ring.

Can a jeweler make a band thinner?

Yes, Yes, it can. It’s not even a big deal either. The jewelers literally take a saw and cut the band. Shave away the gold.

Is 2mm ring too thin?

Please note that ring widths above may not be to scale and will vary based on your monitor. 2mm: Narrow, perfect if you want a thin band to sit against your engagement ring. 3mm (Spaghetti) : Classic woman’s width, fits nicely next to an engagement ring, but is also weighty enough to be worn on its own.

Is 1.3 mm ring too thin?

With this in mind we try not to make rings that are too thin. Anything less than a 1.3mm wide by 1.3mm thick should be especially well looked after and not worn everyday. We always recommend taking off your Jewellery when you are doing anything that may tarnish or knock it around.

Is 1.8 mm ring too thin?

There’s always someone. Look, when it comes to putting a limit on thin, we recommend not going below 1.5mm in width, but we will go as thin as 1.35m depending on the ring, stone size, and band height. If you’re considering a 3 carat diamond or larger, you should consider bumping up to a 1.8mm band thickness.