How to use philips jet clean solution?

How to use philips jet clean solution?

Unscrew the cap from the bottle with Jet Clean solution (HQ200) and remove the airtight seal. Fill the cleaning chamber with Jet Clean solution (HQ200) up to the MAX indication. Note: Make sure the cleaning chamber is always filled above the MIN indication.

How do you use Norelco jet clean solution?

Unscrew the fill cap on the reservoir, pour Jet Clean Solution into the reservoir and replace the reservoir in the base. Plug the power cord of the cleaning base into and electrical outlet. Remove the protective cover on the razor head and place it to the side.

How do you make Norelco jet clean solution?

Homemade Solutions Mix one ounce of vinegar for every ten ounces of water, and soak the head of the trimmer just as you would with the Philips Norelco Jet Clean solution. Water is enough to wash away the debris but the vinegar removes odor from the trimmer head and makes it smell new.

How do I clean my Philips Smart clean?

To clean these shavers, follow the steps below.

  1. Switch on the shaver.
  2. Rinse the shaving unit under a warm tap.
  3. Switch off the shaver.
  4. Rinse the hair chamber under a warm tap.
  5. Rinse the shaving head holder under a warm tap.
  6. Carefully shake off excess water and let the shaving head holder air-dry completely.

How do you clean a mechanical razor?

How to clean an electric shaver (step by step)

  1. Remove most of the hairs from the shaving head.
  2. Apply a bit of water to the shaving head, then pour a few drops of liquid soap over the foils/combs.
  3. Turn the shaver on.
  4. With the shaver still running, rinse the head generously with warm tap water.

Are Shaver cleaning station worth it?

If you decide to buy a Braun electric shaver, then the cleaning station is a necessary evil. The shavers can be difficult to clean manually and the stations, while not the most cost-effective, work excellent.

How do you clean a Norelco shaver?

How do I lubricate my razor?

The first option is to simply use a light mineral oil, like hair clipper oil; basically, any highly refined mineral oil will work great for lubricating the blades of an electric shaver. Side note: you’ll sometimes find sewing machine oil among the recommended lubricants on various forums and articles.

How often should I use Philips Smart clean?

We’d recommend you to use the SmartClean system at least once a week.

How often use Philips Smart clean?

The company recommends once a week. 1 of 1 found this helpful.