How old is Jamario Moon?

How old is Jamario Moon?

41 years (June 13, 1980)
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What teams did Jamario Moon play for?

Charlotte Hornets2011 – 2012
Cleveland Cavaliers2010 – 2011, 2009 – 2010Los Angeles Clippers2010 – 2011Miami Heat2008 – 2009Toronto Raptors2007 – 2009
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He has since played for the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers and Charlotte Bobcats of the NBA, along with the Los Angeles D-Fenders of the NBA D-League.

How many teams did Jamario Moon play for?

NBA Seasons: 5 A versatile forward, Moon played in the D-League, overseas and with the Harlem Globetrotters before making it to the NBA. Moon went on to play for the Raptors, Clippers, Heat and most notably, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How tall is Jamario Moon?

6′ 8″
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Will the Thrill Bynum?

William Bynum (born January 4, 1983) is an American former professional basketball player. He played college basketball for the University of Arizona and Georgia Tech before going undrafted in the 2005 NBA draft….Will Bynum.

Personal information
Playing career 2005–2018
Position Point guard
Number 3, 12, 1
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When was Jamario Moon drafted?

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What draft pick was Jamario Moon?

Does Shannon Brown still play basketball?

Shannon Brown’s career after winning two titles in LA After playing in Phoenix, he spent time with the San Antonio Spurs, the New York Knicks, and the Miami Heat. From 2016 to 2018, he spent time in the G-League and finished his career playing with the Delaware 87ers.

How tall is Will Bynum?

6′ 0″
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What college did Will Bynum go to?

The University of Arizona
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How old is Jamario Moon the basketball player?

Jamario Raman Moon (born June 13, 1980) is an American professional basketball player.

When did Jamario Moon have his first child?

In January 2009, Moon’s wife, Tamara, gave birth to their first child. ^ LeMaster, Steve (April 23, 2010). “Keathley-coached player Jamario Moon in the hunt for NBA championship”.

When did Jamario Moon sign with the Raptors?

Moon signed a two-year deal with the Toronto Raptors on July 10, 2007, after he had impressed the coaching staff in a three-day mini-camp held by the club. In his first start against the Chicago Bulls, he had 12 points, six rebounds, three steals, and one block in 23 minutes.

When did Jamario Moon and team trained to go lose?

He competed for the $2 million prize, and for team Trained To Go, he scored 13 points in 23 minutes on the court. Moon and Trained To Go lost in the first round of the tournament to the Broad Street Brawlers 108-95. In January 2009, Moon’s wife, Tamara, gave birth to their first child.