How old is Amadeus Cho?

How old is Amadeus Cho?

13-year old
Amadeus Cho is a 13-year old genius from the Marvel Comics. He appears in the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man and the third season of Spider-Man. Amadeus Cho was created by Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Who is the smartest Hulk?

Smartest There Is: 15 Hulks Way Smarter Than You

  3. 3 DOC GREEN.
  4. 4 SHE-HULK.
  5. 5 MAESTRO.
  6. 6 GREEN SCAR.
  7. 7 RED SHE-HULK.
  8. 8 DEVIL HULK.

Who is Amadeus Cho in the Marvel Universe?

Amadeus Cho, the seventh smartest man in the Marvel Universe, is the new, gamma-powered, Totally Awesome Hulk! With the help of his sister, Maddy Cho, his mission is to be the best Hulk ever! He’s out to prove that the Hulk isn’t the world’s most terrifying monster, but its greatest Hero.

How old was Amadeus Cho when he became the Hulk?

One of the smartest people on Earth, teenager Amadeus Cho has embraced his new Hulk-like powers as the hero called Braw.117 lbs. Hulk No More: Amadeus Cho is Now Called Brawn. When the boy was fifteen years old, the Excello, a soap corporation, announced an online game to reward young geniuses, a quiz show named Brain Fight.

When did Amadeus Cho appear in Amazing Fantasy?

Amadeus Cho. Created by American writer Greg Pak and Canadian artist Takeshi Miyazawa, the character first appeared in Amazing Fantasy vol. 2 #15 (January 2005). Cho usually appears in books featuring The Avengers or individual members of that group, such as the Hulk or Hercules .

Who was Amadeus Cho’s companion when he ran away?

Amadeus ran away with his only companion being a coyote pup Kirby. Agents tracked him down but not before Amadeus ran into to another misunderstood genius with awesome power: the Hulk. The Hulk protected Mastermind, who then considered him his friend.