How much does Techniker Krankenkasse cost?

How much does Techniker Krankenkasse cost?

In 2021, the TK contribution rate to health insurance is 15.8 per cent of the gross income. It consists of the general contribution rate of 14.6 per cent and the health insurance fund’s individual supplementary contribution rate of 1.2 per cent.

How do I register with TK?

To become a member at TK is easy:

  1. Apply online: Complete a TK application online.
  2. In case you are already a member of another health insurance fund, we will inform them about your switch to TK.
  3. Please inform your employer or the body who pays your contributions about your switch to TK.

Is TK insurance valid outside Germany?

The TK eHealth card lets you utilise medical services all throughout Germany. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is located on the back of your TK eHealth card. You are also well-covered with the EHIC in all EU states as well as in many other European countries and even in certain non-European territories.

Does TK insurance cover physiotherapy?

Excellent coverage You go to the doctor, you show your health insurance card, and you get the treatments you need. I have seen doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and dentists. TK paid for everything without asking questions. It’s the same with other public health insurers.

What is the best Krankenkasse in Germany?

Techniker Krankenkasse
One of the most consistently dependable is the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), which is also one of the largest and most popular (as well as award-winning) public healthcare funds in Germany. Techniker Krankenkasse has 8.8 million registered insurees across Germany.

Does TK cover eye test?

If you go to an optician (Optiker), the test is not covered by your insurance. You must pay for the test yourself. There is one exception: TK pays for tests at the optician, but only for children under 14 years old1.

Is TK private insurance?

Is TK insurance private or public? Techniker Krankenkasse, known as TK, is a public insurance fund. It is one of the largest and most popular public healthcare insurers with over 8.8 million insurees and an excellent level of cover that includes online English support and dental hygiene cover.

Are glasses covered by German insurance?

The cost of glasses/lenses will be covered by TK when prescribed by a doctor, with a fixed amount between 10€ and 113€ per glass. Free Family Insurance. When insured with TK, you can also include your family members (immediate dependants) with no additional charges. Travel Abroad Insurance.

Is teeth extraction covered by TK?

Dentures and dental caps If your tooth was extracted, you may need dentures. This costs a lot of money. TK can pay a part of the money. You have to make an application so TK can pay money.