How much does Kartchner Caverns cost?

How much does Kartchner Caverns cost?

Make Cave Tour Reservations and Book Tickets

Cavern Tour Adults 14+ Youth 7–13
Rotunda/Throne Tour $23.00 $13.00
Big Room Tour $23.00 $13.00
Rebooking fee

What caves are in Tucson?

Delve deep and explore two spectacular limestone caverns made by nature over eons: Colossal Cave Mountain Park (below the Rincon Mountains near Vail) and Kartchner Caverns State Park® (beneath the Whetstone Mountains near Benson) are both surrounded by scenic wilderness, southeast of central Tucson.

What is Benson Arizona known for?

It is known for having some of the best weather in the country. Benson was founded back in the year 1880, at the heyday of the mining industry in Arizona. Visitors have the opportunity to take in the culture of the Old West and explore the area’s railroad heritage.

How old is Kartchner Caverns?

It took years of plotting to come up with another outcome: they persuaded Arizona to make the site into what is now Kartchner Caverns State Park. Since it opened in 1999, the first major cave made accessible to the public in the United States in decades, it has drawn 180,000 visitors a year.

What is there to do at Colossal Cave?

  • Colossal Cave Mountain Park is open daily from 8am-4pm! Come join us for a classic cave tour from 10am-3pm, or spend a night under the stars at our campground.
  • Hiking, biking, horseback riding, birding, camping and stargazing.
  • Every adventurer needs refreshment sometime and that’s what we do best.

How far is Benson Arizona from the Mexican border?

There are 1,470.94 miles from Benson to Mexico in northeast direction and 1,767 miles (2,843.71 kilometers) by car, following the I-40 route. Benson and Mexico are 1 day 2 hours far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Is Benson Arizona a good place to live?

Benson is in the top 1% in the United States for desirable location to live. We have moderate weather, no problems with earthquakes, volcanoes, massive bugs, blizzards, hurricanes, or a lot of the undesirable weather and terrain related problems other areas experience.

What should I wear to Kartchner caverns?

The caverns are always warm and humid so shorts are fine as are short sleeves. The caverns are just 9 miles S of I-10. You are asked to arrive an hour ahead of your tour and the tour itself takes an hour and a half. If you plan your tour early or late you could probably do it in a half day.

How old is Kartchner caverns?

Where are the best caves to visit in Arizona?

Situated in Coronado National Forest in Sawmill Canyon, this cave makes for a nice spelunking adventure. The interior of the cave is, surprisingly, on the warm side and a permanent lake can also be found a short distance from the entrance.

Where was the Skeleton Cave in Arizona located?

Hidden in the cliffs above the Salt River between Canyon Lake and Apache Lake, Skeleton Cave is the scene of one of the most brutal, bloody events in Arizona history. Early in the morning on December 28, 1872, two companies of the U.S. Army’s Fifth Cavalry confronted a group of some 100 Yavapai camped out on the northern side of the Salt River.

Are there any dry caves in the Grand Canyon?

Another dry cave on our list is the Grand Canyon Cavern, located near Peach Springs outside the Grand Canyon National Park. When you visit, not only will you have the opportunity to explore one of four guided tours but you can also even arrange to watch films or stay in the underground hotel room.

Where can you see Massacre Cave in Arizona?

However, the Navajo claimed the able-bodied men were all out hunting at the time, making this evil massacre a horrible, despicable act that will never be forgotten. From high above the canyon you can see Massacre Cave from one of the walkways around the rim.