How much does it cost to rebuild a snowmobile engine?

How much does it cost to rebuild a snowmobile engine?

You can rebuild an engine new crank, rods, pistons, rings, etc for under $1,000.

When should a snowmobile engine be rebuilt?

Rebuilding a two-stroke engine’s top end includes servicing the cylinders, pistons, rings and related gaskets and O-rings. The top end of a two-stroke engine might need to be rebuilt if there’s been a reduction in compression that can cause hard starting when the engine is warm, inability to idle or a loss in power.

What is the most reliable snowmobile engine?

Yamaha snowmobiles with the manufacturer’s venerable four-stroke engine are widely considered to be among the most reliable snowmobiles of all time.

Is it hard to rebuild a snowmobile engine?

snowmobile motors aren’t complicated. the parts hurt the wallet. finding the specific reason it burned up may be the hard part. you drain coolant down, a few bolts to remove the head(s), a few cylinder bolts and the top is off.

How many miles does a 2-stroke snowmobile engine last?

Snowmobile 2-stroke motors will last 10,000-20000 miles depending on model and how well it is taken care of before they need either a top end rebuild, or a bottom end rebuild. You have about the same chances of blowing the motor at 10 miles as at 7500 miles.

What is considered high mileage for snowmobile?

So, what’s considered high mileage on a snowmobile? A snowmobile that is over 8,000 miles, and especially over 10,000 miles, is considered to be high mileage. Generally, the life expectancy of a snowmobile is around 15,000 miles.

What is high mileage for a 2-stroke snowmobile?

Although snowmobile enthusiasts say that a snowmobile with 5,000 miles on it can make a fine vehicle, it just depends on the maintenance it needs. Generally, engines (especially 2-stroke engines) need to be replaced around 5,000 miles. So, this may be why 5,000 is so often categorized as high snowmobile mileage.