How much does it cost for a child to visit London Zoo?

How much does it cost for a child to visit London Zoo?

Gate Price: Adults £27.27 / Children £17.73. Our Price: Adults £22.90 / Children £14.90.

How long do you need at London Zoo?

Recommended visiting time for the London Zoo is around two to three hours, depending on how many animals or exhibits you hope to see. It’s highly recommended that you arrive more than a few hours before last entry so you’re not rushed during your visit.

Does London Zoo have educational facilities?

Yes, we have an extensive learning programme at ZSL London Zoo. The range of learning activities caters from EYFS up to post-16 students and costs £1.50 per student, per session to book.

Is London Zoo worth visiting?

Great and wide selection of animals and was a good day out, food was reasonable priced. We spent a full day there enjoying many animals and many talks and shows. Although it was busy it was easy to manoeuvre round the zoo and see everything you wished to see.

Is London Zoo free for kids?

ZSL London Zoo is packed with wild adventures to keep your little cubs busy. With child tickets 35% off standard adult prices, and kids under 3 completely free, book today to bring your little monkeys to the Zoo for a wild day of exploring for the whole family. …

What endangered species does London Zoo keep?

The gorillas at London Zoo are Western Lowland gorillas. This type of gorilla is critically endangered due to hunting and the destruction of its rainforest habitat.

Does London Zoo conserve endangered species?

ZSL is working on over 50 conservation projects around the globe. Many of these projects are specifically focussed on one highly threatened species, while others use the conservation of a high-profile species as a flagship for to protect a valuable habitat. See reptiles and amphibians at ZSL London zoo.

What is the biggest zoo in London?

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. UK’s Biggest Zoo. Zoological Society of London (ZSL)