How much does Clarence Kennedy squat?

How much does Clarence Kennedy squat?

The 94 kg athlete has training lifts on par with many Olympians, with a snatch of 185kg (407.8lb) with straps and a clean & jerk of 220kg (485lb). He can also pause back squat 300kg (661.4lb), pause bench 200kg (440.9lb), and deadlift 340kg (749.5lb) with straps.

How often does Clarence Kennedy squat?

A couple of notes training with Clarence Kennedy: He squats heavy almost every day. According to Clarence, even two days off results in a 10–20kg loss in squatting strength. Prior to our session he was benching 4x per week.

Does Clarence Kennedy use hook grip?

He recommends learning the snatch before the clean & jerk because it requires more mobility, skill, and technique. He recommends progressing through the following skills in this order, always using hook grip.

Does Clarence Kennedy only squat?

The only compound movements I do are: Snatch, Clean and jerk, Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Clean Pulls, Snatch Pulls (deficit), Hang Snatch, Pause Back Squat and Bench press. Update 02.06.

How good is Clarence Kennedy?

The Irish Weightlifter also went on to clean 507 pounds right afterward. It was a good day of lifts for Irish weightlifter and YouTube personality Clarence Kennedy, who completed a massive clean & jerk of 490 pounds, or 222.5kg for a new personal record. 222.5kg/490lbs Clean and Jerk at 98.7kg/217lbs bodyweight.

Do strongmen use hook grip?

The hook grip is basically the body’s natural equivalent of a lifting strap. For this reason, athletes in every strength sport can compete with the hook grip due to its security and this goes for powerlifters, weightlifters, and strongman athletes.

Is Clarence Kennedy still vegan?

Yes, for most of his training career (about eight years), he hasn’t been vegan and yes, he built most of his strength while consuming meat.