How many gears does a Suzuki Ozark 250 have?

How many gears does a Suzuki Ozark 250 have?


Suzuki Ozark 250 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Gearbox 5-speed
Transmission type, final drive ratio Shaft drive (cardan)
Clutch type
Driveline 5-forward and 1-reverse. 2WD.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki 250 Quadrunner have?

329.89 HP

Suzuki QuadSport Z250 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Number of valves per cylinder
Camshaft Valvetrain Configuration SOHC
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower 329.89 HP (240.8 kW) @ 4000 RPM

How much oil does a Ozark 250 take?

***Kit includes 3 Quarts of Suzuki 4-Cycle Motorcycle Engine Oil, One OEM Suzuki oil Filter, and One Crush Washer.

How fast does a Suzuki Ozark 250 go?

Engine & Lubrication

Engine Type 4-Stroke OHC
Top Speed 50-63 mph (80.5-101.4 km/h) – owners’ claim
Starter System Electric/recoil
Air Filtration Polyurethane foam element
Lubrication Wet sump

How do I tell what year my Suzuki quad is?

Look at the 10th character of the vehicle identification number. It will be a number or a letter. Use the 10th character to determine the year model of the four wheeler.

Does a LTZ 250 have a clutch?

Automatic clutch – you do still have to shift with a foot lever, so you will need some brain power. But there is no clutch, so you won’t have to be all that coordinated….The First Real Sport ATV for a wide range of customers.

Dimensions and Dry Mass
Stroke 2.835 in
Displacement 15.0 cu in
Compression 9.2: 1

Are Suzuki quads any good?

They’re reliable, rugged, and as owners of a KingQuad for over a decade, they’ve never let us down whether we were pushing snow, pulling logs, or just play riding.

How fast is a Suzuki Ozark 250?

What kind of oil does a Suzuki Ozark 250 use?

Details about SUZUKI Ozark 250 2002–2009 ATV 10W-40 Oil & K&N Filter Change Kit.

What year was the Suzuki King Quad?

The Suzuki King Quad 300 is a rec-utility quad that revolutionized the ATV scene between 1991 and 2002. This iconic 300-cc machine, featuring a 280-cc engine, utility racks, IRS, selectable driveline modes, and an auto-clutch transmission/three-tier sub-transmission, easily became a standout.