How many active volcanoes are in Auckland New Zealand?

How many active volcanoes are in Auckland New Zealand?

50 volcanoes
Rangitoto: Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, is home to around 50 volcanoes. The city’s most famous, and most active, is Rangitoto, viewed here from Cheltenham Beach.

Where are the 53 volcanoes in Auckland?

The Auckland volcanic field is an area of monogenetic volcanoes covered by much of the metropolitan area of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, located in the North Island. The approximately 53 volcanoes in the field have produced a diverse array of maars (explosion craters), tuff rings, scoria cones, and lava flows.

How many volcanoes are in the North Island of New Zealand?

In New Zealand, there are six areas of volcanic activity; five in the North Island and one offshore in the Kermadec Islands. There are also three different types of volcanoes.

Where are volcanoes located in New Zealand?

There are three major types of volcano in New Zealand. Volcanic activity in New Zealand occurs in six areas, five in the North Island and one offshore in the Kermadec Islands.

What is the largest volcano in NZ?

Ruapehu is the Māori word for ‘pit of noise’ or ‘exploding pit’. It is the largest active volcano in New Zealand and is located at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Rising above the surrounding plains to 2797m, Ruapehu is the highest peak in the North Island, with several subsidiary peaks.

When did NZ volcano last erupt?

9 December 2019
On 9 December 2019 White Island, an active stratovolcano island in New Zealand’s northeastern Bay of Plenty region explosively erupted. The island was a popular tourist destination, known for its volcanic activity, and 47 people were on the island at the time….Casualties.

Citizenship Deaths Injuries
Total 22 25

When was the last eruption in New Zealand?

The volcano erupted on 9 December 2019 at 14:11 NZDT (01:11 UTC). The ash plume rose 3.7 kilometres (12,000 ft) into the air.

Who owns White Island in New Zealand?

Buttle Family Trust
The island is privately owned by the Buttle Family Trust. It was bought by George Raymond Buttle, a stockbroker, in 1936. Buttle later refused to sell it to the government, but agreed in 1952 that it be declared a private scenic reserve.

What is the most dangerous volcanoe in New Zealand?

White Island is New Zealand’s most active volcano, but the last fatal event on the island was around 100 years ago, when a crater wall collapsed, killing 10 miners.

What are the names of volcanos in New Zealand?


  • 800 years ago.
  • but much older.
  • Little Barrier Island. An extinct andesite cone.
  • Mayor Island.
  • White Island.
  • Whale Island.
  • Tarawera.
  • Ōhakuri.
  • Rotorua.
  • What is is the highest volcano on New Zealand?

    Ruapehu is the largest active volcano in New Zealand and also the highest mountain in the North Island (2797m). The recent spectacular eruptions took place in 1995 and 1996. Ngauruhoe is a young stratovolcano located in the Tongariro National Park, the first national park in New Zealand. It is classified on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

    Why are there volcanoes in New Zealand?

    The reason there are volcanoes in the northern parts of New Zealand, more specifically the Taupo Volcanic Zone , is because New Zealand lies on a convergent plate boundary (between the Indo-Australian Plate and the Pacific Plate).