How fast can a 250 cc bike go?

How fast can a 250 cc bike go?

The bigger the engine the faster the bike will go. A 250cc dirt bike comes at a maximum speed of 55-70 mph (90-113 km/h) depending on a type of engine.

What is the price of Ninja 250?

New Ninja 250 is expected to be priced around INR 2.75 lakh in India (ex-showroom).

How much is a Ninja 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,449 $3,430
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,449 $3,430

When did the Kawasaki Ninja 250R come out?

The Kawasaki Ninja 250R (codenamed EX250; previous generations had market-specific names) is a motorcycle in the Ninja sport bike series from the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki originally introduced is 1986.

How much fuel does a Kawasaki ZZR 250 use?

Just as on a two-stroke, the little Kawasaki needs to be ridden hard and fast, making frequent use of the slick six-speed gearbox and surprisingly (for a Kawasaki) progressive clutch. Considering the rewy nature of the beast, fuel consumption is a reasonable 54mpg.

When did Kawasaki stop importing the zzr250 to Canada?

The ZZR250 (model #EX250H) is the 250 that Kawasaki imports into Canada. The 250 model sold in the States is the EX250F. Kawasaki quit importing the EX250F to Canada after the 1999 model year. If you bought an EX250H (in Canada) in 2000-2002, it would have said “Ninja 250R” in the advertising literature and (obviously) on the bike itself.

Why are Kawasaki 250s so popular in Japan?

Because there is a stepped licensing system there, of which the 250 class is the first rung on the ladder, the Japanese manufacturers have invested millions of Yen on research and development in this all-important class. Sales of 250s in Japan are astronomical and Tokyo is knee-deep in quarter-litre bikes of all shapes and sizes.