How do you write a front page report?

How do you write a front page report?

To this end, your report cover page should include:Report Title.Subtitle.Author.Author’s Job Title.Company Name/Logo.Date of Completion/Submission.

What does a report title page look like?

A title page should include the title, the author or authors, their affiliation (if appropriate), and the date. It may also include additional information, such as a specific grant or project number. for sample titles and Research Reports for an example of a formal title page.

How do I create an attractive report in Word?

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How do I create a report template in Word?

To generate a report in Microsoft Word, open the template and choose Home > Report > Create Report….Word Report TemplatesUsing the wizard to create a new template.Managing the associated data sources.Creating and using saved templates.Using the function wizard to insert data/results.

How do you create visually appealing documents?

Use Color: Color is one of the greatest ways to add visual appeal to any document. Again, don’t use too many colors or it will look unprofessional. Often just adding one or two colors (besides black) can dramatically spice up your document.