How do you Update a Unifi controller that is running as a Windows service?

How do you Update a Unifi controller that is running as a Windows service?

How to upgrade a UniFi Network application that is running as a Windows Service

  1. Create a backup of your Network application.
  2. Change the directory to the location of UniFi installation.
  3. Once in the root of the UniFi folder, issue the following to uninstall the Network application service:

How do I Update my Ubiquiti firmware?

Navigate to the System tab of the device that you wish to upgrade. Under Firmware section, click the Choose File button and upload the firmware you downloaded in the first step. Click the New Upload button. Once the file has been uploaded, it will be checked for compatibility and an Update button will appear.

How do I manually add Unifi access point?

Manually Adding Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point To Unifi Contoller

  1. Write down (or take a picture on your phone) the MAC address for the new AP.
  2. Connect the new Unifi AP.
  3. Check DHCP to see what IP address was given to the Unifi AP by searching for the MAC address in the DHCP clients table.

How do I SSH into Unifi AP windows?

Open your favorite SSH client (PuTTY for windows) or Terminal on any other OS. Use the IP address for the AP found in DHCP to SSH into the AP with the default user/password provided ubnt/ubnt or root/ubnt. Next you will receive a splash screen of ASCII text saying UniFi and be at a command prompt.

How do I backup my UniFi controller?

To generate a new UniFi backup file ( . unifi ), on your UniFi OS Console:

  1. Access and log into your UniFi OS Console at or locally via its IP address.
  2. Go to System Settings > Advanced and enable the Back up Device toggle if disabled.
  3. Click Download to download your backup file.

How do I check my UniFi firmware update?

Go to the Maintenance tab. Update the Cloud Key firmware under the Firmware header. You can check for updates to get the latest publicly released version, or to update to a specific version, select the Update Manually option.

How do I update my access point firmware?

Login to the access point Graphical User Interface (GUI) and choose Administration > Manage Firmware.

  1. Under the Manage Firmware area, choose the HTTP/HTTPS radio button as the Transfer Method.
  2. Click Choose File and locate the firmware image file you have previously downloaded.
  3. Click Upgrade.

How do I adopt UniFi AP to a new controller?

Adoption via the UniFi Network web application

  1. Launch the Network web application from
  2. Open the UniFi Devices page.
  3. Select the device that is ready for adoption.
  4. Click Adopt.

How do you Unbrick UniFi AP?

Unplug the ethernet cable from the UniFi AP. 4. Using a paperclip press and hold the UniFi AP’s reset button. Make sure you can feel it being depressed by the paperclip.

How do I SSH into adopted UniFi AP?

  1. Download, install, and run: Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool.
  2. Click “Scan”
  3. Click “UniFi Family” to switch to the UniFi device view.
  4. Copy the IP address of the device.
  5. Download, install, and run: PuTTY.
  6. Enter the IP address of the UniFi device, Port 22, Connection type: SSH, and click “Open”
  7. Log in.