How do you splice in kaltura?

How do you splice in kaltura?

To Chop and Splice Media

  1. Move the Real-Time Marker to the point where you want to cut/chop the video.
  2. Click the Scissors to split/cut the video into two segments. You can repeat this step to create multiple segments on your timeline.

How do I get subtitles on Kaltura?

How to Add Captions to Kaltura Videos

  1. Select your video entry. Click on the “Content” tab. Then, choose the appropriate video entry.
  2. Assign the caption file. Click on the “Captions” tab. Add a label for your caption file.
  3. Upload or Link to the Caption File. Order a caption file from Rev here.

Can I edit a kaltura recording?

Kaltura provides a basic video editor that can be used to edit any video you’ve uploaded to Kaltura. This can be helpful when you need to edit out the start of a recorded Zoom meeting, or if you want to trim the beginning and end of a presentation you recorded using Kaltura Capture.

Can you share your screen in kaltura?

Share Your Screen Via Chrome Select the Desktop Share option. Choose what you would like to share: Your Entire Screen – Default option. If you have multiple screens, then you can choose which screen you want to share.

Why is kaltura not recording?

If you see a ‘Unable to start recording’ or ‘Failed to preview primary device’ error message in Kaltura Capture, you should check if your Display Adaptor driver is up to date. Right click on the relevant display adaptor, and click on Update Driver. Follow the prompts to automatically search and update your driver.

How do you split Kaltura video?

Chop/Splice a Video Drag the blue marker to where the section you’d like to remove begins. Click the scissor icon. This will split the video into 2 parts. Move the marker to where the section you’d like to remove ends.

How do you add captions to Kaltura video?

Login to Kaltura MediaSpace, go to My Media, then find the video that you want to add captions to. Next, click the Edit button. This will load the Edit Media page. Next, select the Captions tab, then click Upload File.

How do I add auto captions to Kaltura video?

Here is how you request machine-generated captions for your videos:

  1. Go to Kaltura’s “My Media”
  2. In My Media, select a video from your list of videos.
  3. In the drop-down menu below the preview of the video, click Actions > Caption & Enrich.
  4. Under Order Captions, select:
  5. Click Submit.

How do you delete videos on Kaltura?

To delete a video, navigate to your My Media and click the Delete button (trash can icon) to the right of the video you wish to delete. To delete multiple videos, click the box next to each video you wish to delete to select. At the top of the page, click the Actions button and select Delete.