How do you put a picture on Crystal?

How do you put a picture on Crystal?


  1. Open the report in the Crystal Reports application.
  2. Go to Insert > Picture.
  3. Browse for the image file.
  4. Select the image file and click OK.
  5. Move the cursor to the desired section in the report for the image and left click once.
  6. Use the highlighted border to adjust the image size as needed.

What is 3D photo?

What Are 3D Photos: A 3D image is created by taking two shots of the same scene, where one is a little offset to the other. This slight difference is enough to trick your brain into thinking you are looking at an image with depth. But in fact, you are looking at a 2D flat picture.

How can I add PNG image in crystal Report?

1 – Right click on the Section Name (e.g. Report Header) where you want the image to appear and choose Section Expert. 2 – Press the Insert button and then press the Up arrow to move the new section up one level. 3 – Select Underlay following sections for this new section. 4 – Insert your image into this new section.

Can you laser etch crystal?

Laser engraving can be used to mark on a wide variety of glass and crystal gifts and awards. You can get quality engraving results, but it does look different and you can’t achieve any notable depth. “In most cases, CO2 lasers work by vaporizing the surface of the material you are engraving.

Can Glowforge do 3D engraving?

One of the amazing things you can do with your Glowforge is engrave shapes with real depth and detail. Proofgrade hardwoods, acrylics, and Draftboard all support 3D engraving.

What is laser crystal engraving?

Laser crystal engraving is the process of using high-precision lasers to mark materials , including natural and synthetic crystal. Many shapes and types of material can be engraved, leading to many uses for laser crystal engraving on different types of crystals. Without changing the surface, a laser can create an image inside of a work piece.

What is crystal engraving?

Crystal engraving is the process of carving an image or text into the surface of an object made of crystal. This can be achieved in several ways. The simplest method involves hand engraving with a tool that has a diamond tip. Another method uses a pen-like device that emits abrasive crystals, glass or sand that can mark a crystal surface evenly.

What is laser crystal?

Laser crystals are typically single crystals (monocrystalline optical materials) which are used as gain media for solid-state lasers. In most cases, they are doped with either trivalent rare earth ions or transition metal ions.