How do you get scion wood?

How do you get scion wood?


  1. Scion wood is one year old wood taken from the outermost parts of the parent tree.
  2. While ideally it should be grafted onto your existing tree or rootstock as soon as you receive it in the mail, the scion may be stored effectively in the crisper section of the fridge for 1-2 months (or longer).

Does scion wood have to be dormant?

When grafting woody plants, the scion wood must be dormant. This is because the scion has to live on its own until the graft union forms to unite it to the rootstock. Whip-and-tongue, cleft, side-stub and other grafts must be done when the rootstock is dormant.

How do you graft a scion?

Use clean, sharp pruners to cut selected scions. Then wrap the sections of cut scions in moist paper towels, moss, or sawdust. Store scions in a cool place, such as the refrigerator, until spring when they can be grafted onto rootstock. How to graft a scion depends on which grafting technique you are planning to try.

How do I choose a Scion?

For grafting like whip and tongue, scions are collected in the winter when the trees are dormant. When selecting scion wood you want to find last year’s growth, ideally shoots that are about pencil thick. Find one year wood by following a new growth branch tip down towards the older wood untill you find a growth scar.

When can I collect scions?

Scions should be collected when the tree is still dormant, usually February or early March. The best scion wood may come where pruning was done the previous spring; causing good vigorous growth last summer. Good scion wood is always one year old wood; Wood that grew the previous summer.

What can I do with scion wood?

Top working, or changing varieties in the field, can be accomplished now using the dormant scion wood and inserting into cut scaffolds using the traditional cleft graft method. This approach can yield success, but often requires a little more grafting skill in making the slope cuts on scion wood.

Can you root scion wood?

Typically, cuttings (scion) are taken in January, refrigerated, and then grafted onto rootstock in the early spring. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to get an apple tree to root from a hardwood cutting, but the success rate will be low and it may take up to six months for the cutting to root.

How long can you store scion wood?

They should be placed in a refrigerator with temperatures between 34 and 40 degrees. They will keep well like this for 1-2 months. Be sure to package your collected scions by variety type and label each package clearly! Avoid, if possible, putting the packaged scion into a refrigerator with apples or other fruit.

Can you root scions?

How do I choose stock for Scion?

Answer: In most cases, one plant is selected for its roots and this is called the stock or rootstock. The other plant is selected for its stems, leaves,flowers, or fruits and is called the scion or cion. The scion contains the desired genes to be duplicated in future production by the stock/scion plant.

Can you freeze scion wood?

Store scions in refrigerator or similar dark, cool place, 35-40 degrees, do not allow scions to freeze. Freezing most likely will render the scion wood useless (dead).

How long will scions last?

Wrap your ten inch scions in a lightly moist paper towels, wrap that in plastic wrap or place them in a zip lock bag and seal. They should be placed in a refrigerator with temperatures between 34 and 40 degrees. They will keep well like this for 1-2 months.

How much does it cost to buy scionwood?

The scionwood is sold by the foot. We also offer compatible rootstock for grafting. Scionwood orders must be shipped separately by priority mail. Shipping and handling is $13.00 for up to 35 sticks. You may place scionwood orders throughout the year. We begin shipping scionwood orders in January.

How old is scion wood from a tree?

Scion wood is one year old wood taken from the outermost parts of the parent tree. It is approx. 15 to 20cm in length and approx. the same width as a pencil. WHEN CAN I ORDER SCION WOOD?

Can You graft scion wood to a tree?

If you are already growing a tree the same type as one of these scionwoods you could try grafting these Scion Wood’s onto your existing plant giving you different varieties or a multi graft on the same tree. Otherwise you need to purchase compatible rootstock. Moorpark apricot scion. Graft onto okinawa peach rootstock, or Myrobalan plum.

When to cut scionwood for rootstock in Washington?

Fruit tree Scionwood is the graftable one-year old wood variety (e.g. apple such as ‘Gravenstein’ or a pear such as ‘Bartlett’) wood for grafting scionwood to a rootstock or ‘understock’. In Snohomish, Washington we cut scionwood in December, January and February and hold chilled through June, then fresh wood is cut for summer budding.